Components of Your Water Wall

A water wall can provide years of tranquility if properly cared for. One of the best ways to properly care for your fountain is to set it up correctly from the very beginning. There are several components to a water wall, which must be considered: water, pump, material used, lights, and power source.


While it might be tempting to use tap water for a water wall, tap water contains minerals, calcium, fluoride, and sometimes chlorine. These materials in tap water will, over time, damage your fountain and pump. If you do decide to use tap water you should purchase a water treatment product to help reduce the chance of damage to the pump.

The best option is distilled water. Distilled water can be purchased at any grocery store and contains no minerals, metals, or calcium. Not all bottled water is distilled water, so ensure that you are in fact purchasing distilled water.


The pump is what makes the water move over your water wall. Without the pump the water will become stagnant and can produce health concerns. The pump is usually located in an area of the fountain where it cannot be readily seen and does not distract the eye from the beauty of the fountain. The pump is connected to the power source.

To encourage the long life of a pump it should be cleaned regularly, especially if algae has grown anywhere on the fountain. Any time the pump seems sluggish or the water movement has decreased, the pump should be examined and cleaned. Keeping the pump clean and the water clean will increase the life of your fountain and pump.

Material Used

Water walls can be made from most any material but the common materials seen are steel, copper, marble, slate, and glass. Often a combination of materials is used to make a water wall. Different materials require different cleaning methods and frequencies. Most fountains can be regularly wiped with a damp cloth and kept clean. Only cleaning products designed for fountains should be used.

Lights and other Options

Any additional feature requires maintenance as well as cleaning. Light bulbs will have to be replaced periodically but should not cause additional problems. Added scents should be used sparingly when desired.

Power Source

A standard outlet is all that is necessary for most water walls, but you should ensure that you have the proper power source for the fountain you intend to purchase.