Common Themes in Water Fountains

Whether you’re in search of one that can be mounted on a wall or you prefer a more ornate one for a focal point in your yard, water fountains can add serenity and beauty to any setting.  Historically found in Ancient Rome and France, the world is filled with stunning water features that have been functional for centuries.  This bona fide art form can enhance your home’s décor and turn your yard into a tranquil retreat.  Wherever you intend to feature your fountain, there are many common themes to choose from.  Available in styles that can be used both indoors and out, you can find the perfect fountain for your needs.

Wall fountains are popular and modern designs seen in many contemporary homes and buildings.  Generally featuring metal and glass or even granite, wall water fountains are a popular choice for a home’s interior.  There are also ones designed specifically with the garden in mind, making it easy to have a water feature outdoors without cluttering up your yard.  There are even art wall fountain designs, which feature artwork or a sculpture as the backdrop instead of the traditional stone or glass that would usually be used.

Tabletop water fountains give smaller spaces an option that makes it possible to enhance the décor with a water feature.  Commonly found on desks at the office or throughout the home, a tabletop fountain is a great way to include water features in your décor without breaking the bank.  They are an affordable and popular option.  For a much larger space, a floor fountain might be ideal.  Similar in design to wall fountains, they are typically in a waterfall style and feature a modern design theme.  They can be found in offices and throughout the home, and make a welcome addition to any setting.

Outdoor water fountains can come in many varieties as well—from the very large to the more modest.  Pool surround fountains are popular features in many large yards.  Other popular styles include bamboo, solar, cascade, waterfall, garden, and urn fountains.  The sound of water can add tranquility to any setting, making a fountain ideal for anyone that wishes to escape stress and tension.  Great for patios, pools, and throughout the yard or home, water features have been commonly used for centuries.  With so many common themes and designs to choose from, it’s easy to find your perfect water feature.