Commercial Fountains and Water Parks

In almost any state across the United States, you will find a water park.  Our love affair with water began years ago and has only gained popularity in the last few decades.  Children of all ages spend their leisure time in the summer basking by pools and lakes.  Families plan their yearly vacations to any of the numerous water parks that dot the American countryside.  We have become a nation of sun-lovers and outdoor fanatics.  In addition, one of the favorite destinations for many families is the water park.  This is because water parks often have amusement park rides, water-based rides and fair food.

A great feature of a water park is that many now not only offer water rides, but they also offer many of the land-based rides that you might find at some of the bigger amusement parks.  Rides such rollercoasters, bumper cars and various kiddy rides can help add variety to a weeklong trip.  Although many of these types of rides stand idle during the hot hours of the day, they often come alive at night.

Of course, the water based rides are the star of the show as far as water parks are concerned.  Parks spend millions of dollars to create rides that people will love and that are aesthetically pleasing to eye.  To help facilitate the aesthetic appeal of their rides, many water parks will use centrally located commercial fountains within the center of the park.  This is a very good strategy because human beings are moved by what they see.  Commercial fountains can be designed in quite a few ways, as well.  The use of lights and music can further enhance the beauty of a fountain.  Some water parks even have their fountains designed so that people are able to enter and exit them at will.  Of course, the commercial fountains that are found in water parks are a big draw as a photo opportunity.  Most people on vacation love to take pictures of themselves standing beside interesting objects and a beautiful fountain at a water park fits the bill perfectly.

Finally, fair food is another major draw to a water park.  Fair food includes such staples as funnel cakes, corn dogs and turkey legs.  People love this type of food because, traditionally, it was only available one time a year when the fair came to town.  But now, with the popularity of water parks, we can enjoy it all year long.