Combating Dry Interior Air with Wall Hanging Fountains

The insides of our homes are often too dry, particularly in winter when the atmosphere is cold and very little water evaporation occurs naturally. Dry air, which is to say air with very low relative humidity, is not only uncomfortable, it can be harmful to your health. When the air is too dry, dust particles, dead skin cells, mites, insect feces and so on are easily borne up into the air and your lungs. Dry air can also cause your skin to become tight and itchy, chap your lips, and worsen the symptoms of a cough or cold as it dries out your mucous membranes. It can even cause wood flooring or furniture to warp and crack, or damage delicate finishes.

Wall hanging fountains can help you combat these problems. The fresh, flowing water replenishes the moisture in the air at a low, natural level, rather than creating the excessive clamminess caused by electronic humidifiers. This excessive moisture is just as dangerous as overly dry air; it can cause your walls and furniture to rot.

The gentle moisture provided by wall hanging fountains is best for humidifying your home because the fountain produces moisture at the correct level. Negative ions produced by the water capture positively charged ions in air impurities, weighing them down and causing them to drop out of the air. This allows you to easily sweep them up. Meanwhile, you avoid damaging your home and furniture, and your skin stays hydrated and fresh.

Not only do wall hanging fountains humidify your home well, they are easy and inexpensive to maintain. Humidifiers can contain complex components such as ultrasonic emitters and ionizing spray nozzles; all these bits of delicate technology are fragile and expensive to replace. Using wall hanging fountains makes it much less expensive to take this small step to take better care of your health and home.

Wall hanging fountains are available in a variety of sizes and styles suitable for any home. You could add classical style to your halls with a marble plaque fountain, or a subtle Asian flair with a tiered lotus-sitting Buddha. Geometric contemporary fountains in a wide variety of stone, glass, and metal finishes are also widely available, for your study or ultramodern bachelor pad. Pair any of these with an attractive side table and a couple of pretty curios to create a restful and beneficial display.