Combat Office Noise Pollution with a Tabletop Water Fountain

We all struggle with noise pollution. Some of us live alongside busy streets; some of us have loud neighbors; some of us work in a noisy office. Some of us live or work with someone who always has the radio or the television on, creating a constant stream of meaningless sound. This noise pollution can be simply annoying, or it can cause high blood pressure, elevated stress levels, sleep disturbances, or at worst even hearing loss. You can combat the effects of noise pollution with a simple tool: a tabletop water fountain.

At the office, many noise reduction strategies are unsightly, expensive, or socially problematic; it is not possible to put up acoustic paneling in a building you don’t own, for instance, and installing new wall or ceiling hardware to combat noise can interfere with the decor of an office. Plants are excellent noise-reduction decorative elements, but they require constant care to maintain them in an attractive and healthy state: watering, dusting, fertilization, and regular pruning and removal of dead matter. The time and resources required to maintain a number of plants as noise-reduction elements may be prohibitive, and it can consume large amounts of valuable floor or window space.

A tabletop water fountain, on the other hand, requires relatively less maintenance, and its footprint can be minimized easily, either by placing it on a non-workspace surface or replacing an already existing tabletop decoration that doesn’t serve a noise reduction function. A tabletop water fountain works in two simple ways to combat office noise pollution: it creates a rough, malleable water surface that absorbs sound, and it emits a soothing bubbling sound that converts low-level noise pollution to unobjectionable white noise.

Experiment with different places to put your tabletop water fountain. While it may be tempting to place it in the center of a space, be aware that fountains, like fires, attract attention, and it may be detrimental to your workforce’s productivity to have a fountain in close proximity. Choosing a spot that is fairly exposed, but outside the main traffic flows of the office, is best. This allows the acoustic effects of the fountain to be felt, without interrupting the paths that workers use to get from place to place, and therefore not decreasing their efficiency.  Try using this strategy to reduce the noise and stress level of your office, and watch productivity increase.