Classic Water Fountain Designs

When you find yourself torn while trying to choose among the many water feature designs for your yard or property, an excellent idea is to simply turn to the classics. There are many classic styles of water fountain that look simply exquisite in almost any setting. From outdoor fountains made of sandstone and employing a simple multi bowl design to elaborate sculptures of animals, religious figures, or mythical creatures, there is simply something enduring and calming about a classic design. Many of these types of fountains have been popular for centuries, and their functional and aesthetically pleasing design has certainly been the key to their endurance.

Outdoor water fountains can truly make any space more appealing. Whether you are looking to improve a front or back yard, add d├ęcor to a garden or flower bed, or even decorate your patio or deck, there are few things that offer as much appeal as a fountain. A decorative fountain offers year round beauty as well as a relaxing design that makes any space feel more like home. Classic jar style fountains and water trough style fountains can give a antique appeal to your space, while a Buddhist fountain or a hybrid fountain can give a sense of Zen and relaxation.

The classic outdoor fountain that is best for your space will depend on both your personal taste and the space itself. The size of your fountain should certainly be relative to the amount of available space. A large fountain in a very small area will feel rather cramped, while a tiny fountain in a large and grassy area will feel diminutive and will be engulfed by the surroundings. Observing the amount of space you have and taking it into consideration when choosing your fountain will help ensure that the balance between open space and furnishings is ideal and that the fountain provides aesthetic benefit to your area.

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