Classic Garden Fountains

One of the most classic garden designs is one that incorporates wide swaths of manicured space with interspersed sections of flowers and other vegetation. These types of gardens, usually parts of large yards, lend themselves nicely to particular types of garden fountains. If you’re fortunate enough to have the space for it, a large garden fountain can give the space it’s situated in a truly magical feel. With the right lighting, there’s literally no limit to how much a space can be transformed into somewhere that feels truly magical.

Garden fountains for larger gardens, intuitively enough, are usually larger models. When you have the space for it, a large fountain can be a very dramatic feature. If you have high hedges that hide one part of the garden from others, you can put fountains in these areas to make them more interesting. There are plenty of ways to install fountains in creative ways like this. The materials the fountain is made of will be a big part of the overall look. For the classic look, stone and slate are very popular choices. Manufactured materials with the same look, such as resins, can be used as wall fountains in a garden due to their light weight.

Stone and slate fountains can be very heavy, but their beauty is classic. These are great additions to gardens that are endeavoring to create an Old World atmosphere. Multi-tiered garden fountains made out of these materials are the types of things that would be appropriate in any aristocrat’s gardens and that’s oftentimes the feel that their owners are looking to replicate. Today’s fountains, however, are much more convenient than those of the past. Electric pumps handle the circulation and water consumption is minimal. The water can be maintained with various cleaning products.

Garden fountains can easily be made into the centerpiece of a garden. By putting seating nearby, you encourage visitors to rest for a moment and enjoy the sight and sound of the water coursing over the fountain. Adding spitters or other features to personalize the effect of the fountain a bit more is a fun way to get even more sophisticated. A good fountain can provide many years of service. Remember, however, that they should be brought into a shelter when the weather turns cold in regions where winters tend to be harsh and where snow and cold could cause problems.