Choosing Wall Hanging Fountains For Your Restaurant

You can use wall hanging fountains to add to the beauty and ambiance of your restaurant. There are so many varieties to choose from! How do you decide? Here are some tips to help you select the right wall hanging fountains for you.

Location, Location, Location

The first step in choosing the right fountain for your restaurant is to decide where it will be hung. For a dramatic contemporary statement, you could hang a very large flat-style fountain on the wall of the dining room, spanning three or more tables. For a more subtle effect, you could select a pair of small wall hanging fountains to place flanking the hostess station. A surprising and welcoming arrangement could have a large fountain against the wall, with tables arrayed around it as if it were a hearth.

You could also choose the location of the fountain for utilitarian purposes; the waiting area and bar are both places where the soft bubbling of a fountain would be welcome to mask the noise of other restaurant patrons. Placing wall hanging fountains near the restrooms can have the same effect, as well as providing something to refresh the air from all of the cleaning product fumes that unavoidably haunt a restaurant restroom.

The Right Size

You should choose a fountain that’s an appropriate scale for your facility. A single sconce-sized fixture will vanish in a banquet hall, while landscape-sized wall hanging fountains can easily take over a smaller dining space, and their size might render the fountain’s water sound undesirably loud. If you are particularly attracted to using a small fountain for a large space, consider using several identical fountains spaced at regular intervals, to create a sense of continuity and rhythm in your decorating.

Manual of Style

While you may be tempted by the exciting new options available in wall fountains, be aware of the existing decor of your space when you select your new fountain. Neoclassical marble sculpture will look inappropriate in an informal or modern setting, while stone wall-style fountains, bubbling fountains, and so on will project a more modern and fun atmosphere. Japanese-style fountains such as the popular, dynamic shishi-odoshi “deer chaser” fountain are very attractive, but they are best used in a Japanese or Asian-fusion decor scheme to avoid their feeling out of place.

Choose carefully and you will have a handsome new feature to add to your restaurant.