Choosing the Placement of Wall Waterfalls

What is the right place for the installation of wall waterfalls? Do you put them in areas where there is little else? Do you mount them as a focus point of the room? What is the right way to position a wall mounted waterfall?

This is not a question that can be easily answered because of the range of décor styles in the world and the range of styles where the wall waterfalls are concerned as well. Before you say that style shouldn’t have any effect on the position of the waterfall, you do have to understand that many designers would really argue that point. This is because they view the room in terms of how you visually and physically move through it, and if wall waterfalls are positioned incorrectly, they can disrupt the general flow of this movement.

Need an example? Let’s say that you have a somewhat large room that features a central wall which divides the living area from the kitchen. There are two openings around either side of the wall, and this allows freedom of movement, air, and light. You decide that you want to have a waterfall mounted directly into the center of that dividing wall. If you choose the wrong sort of waterfall, however, it might be very disruptive to all of the light and movement around that central fixture.

Clearly then, wall waterfalls demand a bit of thought and advanced planning to be selected and installed properly. While you will always have to consider the amount of space around the fixture, you also must consider how it interacts with the pre-existing décor and the general structure or layout of the room as well.

You also need to consider the proximity of the waterfall to the supply of electricity that it will need in order to operate too. A common “fix” used by many designers and homeowners who opt to install these fixtures is to have a separate or dedicated outlet installed specifically for the waterfall and which remains protected and hidden behind it. This eliminates the need for an unsightly power cord to descend from the reverse of the fountain and can generally allow the fixture to appear in the most appealing and attractive way imaginable.

Wall mounted waterfalls provide the same good looks as traditional wall art, but they come with the soothing sounds of moving and falling water. When positioned properly all of these benefits can be enjoyed in the best manner possible.