Choosing the Best Garden Waterfalls

There is just something enchanting about almost all kinds of garden waterfalls. It is the sound of the water, the good looks of the sprays of water from any sort of fountain, and the beauty of the actual structure itself.

That statement actually oversimplifies the issue of garden waterfalls simply because it makes it sound like there are only a few styles or designs available. In fact, there are hundreds of options where garden waterfalls are concerned, and these can include such water features as rain chains, wall mounted fountains, solar fountains and the larger and more familiar free-standing fountains. Each of them can create an array of different garden waterfalls, and it is up to the buyer to understand the properties within each choice.

For example, what is the primary feature that leads people to invest or add a waterfall to their yard or garden? It is the sound of the water! What is even more interesting is that it isn’t only people that are attracted to the gentle tinkling of water in a waterfall; it is also birds and wildlife too. This means that one of the first things to consider when selecting garden waterfalls is the level of sound or splashing that is desired.

Generally, it is the waterfalls that have a lot of distance between the tiers or bowls that create the loudest volume. These are the best choices for those who do want to see neighborhood birds taking a bath within the waterfalls, or even the occasional squirrel stealing a sip of the water too.

If, on the other hand, this is not a desired outcome, it is a good idea to consider using a fountain that creates a more turbulent splash or one that is much more low-key. The “spitter” fountains can create streams of water that splash into a pond or pool, but these are not really waterfalls. It is the waterfall fountains that can be selected in order to enjoy the sound of the water without also running the risk of drawing the attention of nearby creatures. There are some that just tumble the water a very short distance as it is continually recycled into the fountain. Most models of this kind require that the listener be located within a very close proximity to enjoy the sound, and this would be the ideal way to add a very peaceful and quiet “corner” to a garden through the use of the water feature too.