Choosing Optimal Wall Water Features

Are you someone who appreciates a bargain? For instance, if you find that you can get a “two for one” deal, do you do it? In the current economy, most of us have become serious bargain shoppers and will leap at a chance for any sort of discount or “freebie”. It might interest you to know that you can actually get this sort of “deal” with wall water features too.

Now, before you leap to the conclusion that you can get two fixtures for the price of one, you need to know that you can’t, but what you can find is a manufacturer that offers units with more than a single function. For example, one of the most amazing ways of purchasing wall water features is as a fixture that incorporates artwork into the general design. This is done in a few ways, including the use of clear glass or acrylic backdrops to which the art is mounted, or in the use of carved stone and metal backgrounds that feature distinctive patterns.

Let’s first explore how these are a “two for one deal” before we take a closer look at the individual styles. Firstly, we can easily call such wall water features a good deal because they allow you to operate them as fountains, but when they are turned off, they serve as completely “normal” wall art.

Need an example? Let’s say that you decide to purchase a wall fountain that uses a large panel of clear acrylic as the background. To the rear of this panel you have a large print of painted water lilies mounted, and this appears clearly through the panel. The fixture has lights mounted into the header and uses burnished copper for the framing. When the fountain operates, the water glisten underneath the lights and moves like silk over the surface of the image, but when it is off, the painting shines through and looks like a truly lovely framed print. See…two for one!

The other kinds of wall water features mentioned (those with carved backgrounds) also serve as wall art two, but this is a sculptural sort of artwork instead of a painting. For instance, consider a large piece of slate that has the image of bamboo leaves carved into the surface. When the fountain runs, the carvings become extremely pronounced, but when the water is not flowing the unit has the appearance of a carved relief. Again, it is like a two for one deal!