Choosing Custom Wall Fountains

If you begin counting the number of businesses and homes which have custom wall fountains, it is likely that you’d be quite surprised. This is no longer some sort of novelty or temporary trend in interior décor and is becoming a very unique way to communicate personal style or even to use as a form of signage.

Consider that custom wall fountains can be made from a combination of materials that can include stone, metal, plastic, glass, and more. These materials can all be printed, carved or embossed with a range of shapes and images, and they can even have an official logo imprinted or screened on them too. There are also a lot of options for “art” wall fountains as well, and these might have a print of a famous painting or even some sculptural elements incorporated into them according to the buyer’s preferences too.

For example, let’s say that you own a restaurant and you want the main entrance to the building to be distinctive, stylish and impressive. You might purchase a well-made sign that can be illuminated in an appealing and flattering way. Alternately, you could opt instead to have your logo added to a large wall mounted fountain that used a slab of stone and brushed copper to great effect. You might choose a design that also featured river stones and accent lighting too, and these could make the fountain a remarkably potent statement piece.

What about the custom wall fountains for private homes? These too can be as subtle or impressive as desired. For example, you might love the paintings done by the Impressionist painter Claude Monet. You could have one of his prints added to the back of a Lexan acrylic fountain. This would allow the artwork to remain fully protected from the flowing water, but it would also allow you to see the image sharply as the fluid moved across the surface. This could make for a fascinating accent or feature in a room of almost any kind.

Perhaps you prefer something with a lot of sculptural qualities? There are a large number of styles that could allow you to add texture, sound, and light to any part of a room. For instance, you could request a customized fountain that used different types of metal to create a very textured surface for the water to pass over. This would be a great way to dress up a wall or to even serve as a calming or soothing feature in an office or waiting room.