Choosing a Solar Garden Fountain

If you are an active gardener, it is quite likely that you are highly interested in being an active member of the “green” movement. This might mean that you already conserve water, use only organic compounds in the garden, and even do such things as saving seeds or using only Heirloom varieties. If you have considered the addition of a garden fountain to the space, it may have been to encourage birds and insects to come into the garden, but you may have decided against it because it required the use of a power cord.

Well, those days are long over and you can easily add a solar garden fountain to a space of any kind. These are found in an impressive range of styles and designs, and they can be worked into a formal space just as easily as they can a totally casual one. For instance, you can find a very classically designed pedestal garden fountain that runs on solar power and has the looks of an antique sun dial, or you can find a small glazed ceramic garden fountain that rests directly on the ground, is shaped like a large bowl, and is outfitted with a whimsical fish or frog feature too.

What is so interesting about the solar fountains is the fact that they do come in such a diversity of styles. The Zen gardener, Cottage gardener, formal gardener, and the mere hobbyist can all find a few styles that would easily integrate with their pre-existing plantings and designs.

The solar units can be found in the lightweight resin materials, but they are just as common in the cast stone, ceramic, and mixed media as well. This means that they are not only incredibly affordable to operate, but they are also extremely low maintenance too.

Before going ahead and selecting a solar fountain, however, it is important to assess the setting and ensure that there is an adequate amount of sunlight available to fully power the unit. A lot of the designs will actually incorporate the solar panel directly into the fountain, and this means that they will need to receive a goodly amount of direct light during any day in which they are to be operated.

Choosing to use a solar fountain is a very green and earth friendly decision, it is a great way to attract wildlife to the yard and is an even better way of keeping costs under control!