Choices for Fountains in Nursing Homes

It is said that many people become kids once again as they enter their “golden years” and this is generally due to the delight found in very simple things. For example, senior citizens are profoundly pleased by therapy animals that make visits to their home or their assisted living centers, and they happily engage in such activities as crafts and cooking. Since many children and young people heartily enjoy fountains, it only makes sense to consider adding them to a nursing home or assisted living environment too.

What would a nursing home fountain look like? Well, that depended upon the location and the purpose it served. For example, there are floor fountains that could be added to the front foyer or entrance to serve as a very welcoming element. This might be the first thing visitors see, and it might also be the first thing a new resident experiences. This could put them at ease and smooth the transition. A wall-mounted fountain might also be incorporated into a dining or community area where it will provide its lovely sounds, and also serve as a pleasant sight for those who spend a great deal of time in the general area.

Choices for a nursing home or assisted living fountain are not relegated strictly to the indoors either, and this is due to the fact that they can be found in such materials as resin, stone, and cast materials that can be safely kept out of doors on a year round basis. Imagine the joy that a nursing home fountain which is also a birdbath could bring. Such a fixture could be located outside of a window through which all residents can gaze. It could also be something entirely free from the need for electricity too, and this would be a wonderful way to ensure that no one would trip over power cords, and that it cost the facility absolutely nothing to run, and all while attracting delightful birds for residents to see.

An assisted living fountain can also be used as a stylish sign in a main entrance area as well. For example, a gorgeous piece of natural slate might have the name of the center or facility engraved on the surface, and a built-in light fixture could give the entire fountain a very organic and natural look too.

Clearly, any standard choices in fountains could be easily converted into a nursing home fountain but issues with upkeep and maintenance must play a role in the decision making process. For example, it is best to locate fountains where their pumps are readily accessible in order to facilitate maintenance and cleaning and where power supplies are located too.

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