Formal Fountain Gardens Around The World

Fountain in the Versailles Garden. Image courtesy of Edwin11 via Wikipedia

Formal gardens are known for their symmetry and design, following a principle of imposing order on nature. The simplest of most formal gardens would have carefully laid out flower beds, while more elaborate ones involve elaborate landscaping and feature parterres, boxed hedges, terraces, topiaries, statues and of course our favorite piece of architecture – fountains. Here is a list of some of the best formal fountain gardens from all over the world that are definitely worth a visit: 1. Chateau de Versailles The gardens at the Chateau de Versailles covers around 800 hectares of land, most of which is landscaped […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Fountains to Visit in Spain

Fuente de Genova

With a colorful history which dates back thousands of years, an impressive number of native artists and breathtaking scenery which provides never-ending inspiration, it’s no wonder Spain is home to many magnificent water fountains. Whilst some of the fountains go back as far as the 11th century and depict important historic and mythological scenes, others are much more modern creations, portraying what you can achieve with today’s technology and know-how. If you’re planning a vacation to Spain and want to see some of the most impressive fountain architecture the country has to offer, check out our list of the most […]

A Concise Guide to Outdoor Water Fountains


Nothing beats having an outdoor garden that looks lush and elegant. A garden should bring you hours of relaxation and comfort while you enjoy being outdoors in the fresh air. There are a number of great decorative items available that you can put in your garden to customize it and make it look attractive. An outdoor water fountain is the perfect center piece to any garden and can help bring a sense of peace that will enable you to have friends over to enjoy a beverage in the warm spring sun. There are a lot of different types of fountains […]

The Wondrous Magic Fountain of Montjuic


One of the most beautiful sights you can ever lay eyes on is a beautifully designed fountain. There are hundreds of these amazing fountains all around the world for people to enjoy. These fountains are a reflection of the legends and cultures of the particular area of the world where they are located. If you are looking for a great way to expand your artistic tastes, then visiting the Magic Fountain of Montjuic is an absolute must. This fountain can be found in Barcelona, Spain. This is one of the world’s most beautiful fountains and has an interesting history to […]

The History Behind Friendship Fountain


Friendship Fountain is one of the most beautiful and elegantly designed fountains in the United States. People come from all across the country to visit the great city of Jacksonville, Florida. When the tourists roll into this amazing city, many of them make a point to check out Friendship Fountain. This fountain has a great history that reflects a lot about the development of the city of Jacksonville. The fountain can be found in St. Johns River Park close to the west side of Downtown Jacksonville. It is one of the city’s leading attractions and when it first opened was […]

The History and Legends Behind the Manneken Pis


Many cultures and countries all around the world have decorated their cities with beautiful fountains. Many of these fountains feature beautiful design work and elegant sculptures crafted by some of the most famous names in all of art history. While many of these fountains are world renowned for their beauty, some are more famous for the controversy and legends they have inspired. One of the most talked about fountains in the world is the Manneken Pis, which literally means “Little Man Pee” in a particular Dutch dialect called Marols. This particular fountain is uniquely designed to be both beautiful and […]

The Fountain of Wealth: The Largest Fountain in the World


One of the most beautiful places to visit in the world is Asia. The landscape and culture are wonderful to take in, along with some of the awesome and fun attractions the many great cities have to offer. One of the most popular attractions in Asia is the Fountain of Wealth. The Guinness Book of World Records states that this fountain is the largest one in the world. The Fountain of Wealth is located in the country of Singapore and is in the shopping area known as Suntec City. One of the reasons the Fountain of Wealth is such a […]

The Buckingham Memorial Fountain


One of the most beautiful fountains in the United States of America is the Buckingham Memorial Fountain. This fountain can be found in the city of Chicago in Illinois. The Buckingham Memorial Fountain has a great, rich history in the city. While there are many beautiful attractions in the city of Chicago, none can quite compare to the wonderful artistic design of the Buckingham Fountain. This fountain was commissioned to be built in the mid-1920s. The Buckingham Memorial Fountain was originally commissioned by a woman named Kate Buckingham. The reason she had the fountain commissioned was to memorialize her brother […]

The Beauty of the Jet d’Eau Fountain

Water jet lake Geneva

There are many gorgeous and well-designed fountains to be found all around the world. Just about every country on planet earth has a beautifully designed fountain decorating its capital or major city. One of the world’s most beautiful fountains to see is the Jet d’Eau. This gorgeous fountain is located in Geneva, Switzerland. This is one of Geneva’s largest landmarks and is known for drawing in thousands of tourists each year to behold its awesome beauty. This fountain has been named one of the largest fountains that exist in the world. The fountain is located near where Lake Geneva spills […]

The Fountains of Peterhof


Russia is one of the most beautiful places to visit regardless of the time of year. There are many wonderful attractions to take in. Russia has a rich heritage that is interesting for people to learn no matter where they are originally from. If you are planning a trip to Russia, you will have to make sure to include a stop by the Fountains of Peterhof, which are some of Russia’s most popular attractions for both tourists and residents alike. The idea to build these fountains originated with Peter the Great. Peter the Great made these fountains the center piece […]