Great Ways to Redecorate Your Home


No matter how much you liked your home décor when you first put it all together, there will come a time when you want to redecorate. After all, you will want to create something fresh, attractive, and up to date. You may simply have grown weary of the décor you like several years ago. You may find the idea of redecorating overwhelming though. What should you change? Where should you add new décor? All that you need are a few tips on great ways to redecorate your space. Paint and Flooring Make a Big Difference If you want a room […]

The Options in a Stone Wall Mounted Fountain


If you have ever watched water move across rocks and along a riverbed, you may be well aware of the appeal of a stone wall mounted fountain. This is something that will be easily found in a wide range of designs and styles that can include large slabs of slate, and clusters of pebbles. The reason that it is similar to a natural body of water is that it incorporates the two materials that make viewing a river, brook, or stream so visually appealing. For instance, you can find a wall mounted fountain that uses a large piece of slate […]

Incorporating an Indoor Wall Fountain into a Room


So, you had totally redecorated your living area and were completely happy with the results, but then you saw the most incredible indoor wall fountain! Now, you are stuck with the intense desire to purchase this fountain, but you aren’t sure if it is a good idea to add it to the room or space. How do you go about incorporating this very strong feature or fixture into a room that was already well decorated? It is really not that difficult to find a huge number of wall fountains that you like, but the real question is if the materials […]

Impress with a Glass Wall Hanging Fountain


What is more impressive as you enter an office or business space – a big framed artwork or a large wall hanging fountain? Most people would agree that it is the fountain that makes the best impression because it is unique and much more lively than a simple piece of framed art. While there might be those in the crowd who disagree, it cannot be argued that almost any wall hanging fountain can bring a huge amount of the “wow” factor to almost any space. This is especially true when they are selected according to the best standards possible. What […]

The Beauty of Wall Water Features


If you have ever walked up to a fountain in any sort of interior space, such as a mall, hotel or museum, you know that they are tremendously appealing and attractive. They are also effective when it comes to pleasing and soothing everyone who views them. This is the reason that so many designers are always looking for ways to incorporate wall water features through the use of smaller fountains too. What exactly are wall water features? Most of them are structured in a similar way and use a basin or base, a large panel over which the water passes […]

Vintage Style Wall Hanging Fountains


If you have ever seen a movie or read a book about the “Gilded Age” in the United States, you can probably recall a few different scenes in which stone or garden wall hanging fountains were part of the setting. These were extremely decorative and elaborate fixtures that were meant to emulate or copy the European chalets and castles that the country’s new wealthy class wanted to match in style and taste. They are still found in many of the great homes, but they can also be found as reproductions that can be used in a modern home too. They […]

The Simple Beauty of Wall Hanging Fountains


There are many people who view wall hanging fountains as a distraction or even as a high maintenance fixture in the home. Both groups are sadly mistaken because a fountain is designed purely as a means of calming and soothing those around them. Certainly, there are many kinds of wall hanging fountains that are also major works of art and can really inspire their viewers, but the most common experience or feeling created by fountains is relaxation. This is due to two very powerful things – the sound of the water, and the simple lines and beauty of most wall […]

The Remarkably Beauty of a Pebble Wall Fountain


Imagine the hypnotic quality of a gentle river flowing over its many pebbles and stones, but in the convenient form of a wall fountain. This is actually something readily available from the better suppliers of fountains, and they can even be found in a few different styles. It helps to understand that a modern consumer can easily find a wall fountain made from almost any materials imaginable. Whether someone wants a very organic and natural wall fountain such as those made from slate, copper, or stone, or a more contemporary style made from brushed metal and glass, there are plenty […]

Water Features Make Great Statements


How can you make some sort of powerful statement about your personal taste or style? If you are talking about interior or garden design, there is probably nothing more effective than the installation of water features. Before you say that your budget doesn’t have room for this sort of option, you should realize that the best vendors of water features and devices can make them available in a huge range of prices, styles, and designs. Also, these same pre-made water features tend to be of the “DIY” variety. This means that you really only need to purchase the equipment and […]

Bring the Outside In with an Indoor Waterfall


We spend a lot of our time inside, usually preferring to be outside. In office settings, we are often inside four walls with no natural air circulation from outside and few windows, none of which open. This can create illness and other problems, including the blues, especially during winter. In addition, indoor air quality in these situations is generally poor. However, you can bring the outside in anywhere with an indoor waterfall. An indoor waterfall not only provides a focal point and adds artistic beauty to any room, but also creates the sounds of nature with running water. All indoor, […]