Modern Water Fountain Materials


Most people think of stones and water when hearing the phrase “water fountain”. Naturally, these two materials still feature quite strongly in almost any water fountain, but there are also a wide range of other materials that are used to craft fountains for indoor and outdoor settings too. Consider that a contemporary water fountain can feature a large amount of glass or polished metal, smooth river stones, and a range of materials used as a base or a header. They can also feature electric lights, custom logos and artwork, and can even fit atop the average desk or table too. […]

Tuscan Vase Wall Fountain Adds a Touch of Class to Any Setting

Tuscan Vase Wall Fountain

If you enjoy the classical and artistic look of Tuscany, you may well want to consider the Tuscan Vase Wall Fountain as an addition to your home or office. When viewed in person, the beauty and luminosity of this work of art appears completely real, right down to the way in which it captures the light. Not only does the appearance of the fountain appear to be completely realistic, but it also offers a variety of soothing sounds; similar to that of a babbling brook or a gently running stream. The soft and tranquil sound makes the perfect backdrop for […]

What Is Lightweight Slate?


Slate is a very common building material for fountains. While heavier slate is wonderful for outdoor and garden fountains, however, it is somewhat impractical for indoor and wall fountains. Lightweight slate offers the same cosmetic benefits and appearance as its heavier counterpart without the weight that makes it impractical for some walls.  Typically, a lightweight slate fountain will consist of a thin layer of slate that it attached to a composite backing to add strength and durability. When the product is complete, the two materials are virtually indistinguishable, with the only noticeable difference the weight difference upon lifting the fountain. […]

Learn About Copper Water Fountains


When seeking a beautiful, long lasting fountain that offers relaxing sounds as well as aesthetic appeal, a copper fountain makes a wonderful choice. The metal itself can be designed to have a brilliant shine or to provide a wonderful antiqued look, and the acoustics on these fountains are unlike any other. Copper fountains amplify sound considerably, creating a relaxing atmosphere. The shine of the metal also provides a unique aesthetic effect as the water runs or trickles down the fountain. In general, there are two types of copper water fountains, those that are all natural and those that have had […]

Learn About Cast Stone Fountains


Cast stone is a very highly refined building stone. It is a type of concrete that is made from both fine and coarse stones including limestone, granite, quartz, marble, sand, and more. Cement and coloring pigments are also added, and the mixture is put into a mold to give it a dense texture much like that of natural stone. The result is that a cast stone fountain will look much more natural than concrete and will not start to show dark spots over time as concrete fountains typically do. For those seeking a natural and attractive stone look, cast stone […]

How to Choose the Right Fountain Material for Your Water Fountain


When looking to purchase a water fountain for your home, yard, or garden, you will quickly learn that there are many building materials to choose from. While the beauty and appeal of your fountain can be one of the largest factors in the choice you make, you will also want to pay attention to the needs and requirements of different materials. The climate you live in, the space where you intend to place the fountain, and other factors can help you decide which material will be best for you. In the next few paragraphs, we will take a look at […]

Solid Slate vs. Lightweight Slate – What is the difference?


When people think of fountains they don’t often consider wall fountains, but these are actually among one of the most frequent varieties used. These can be a single panel of metal, stone, glass, or acrylic, or they can take up an entire wall. They don’t usually require special plumbing or electrical service, though many owners have a hidden wall plug installed (behind the fountain) along with the fixture. The main consideration of their use and installation, however, tends to be their weight. All wall mounted fountains will contain the pump system, the water used to feed the fountain, the framing, […]

Learn about Stone Water Fountains


When someone hears the words stone water fountain they might automatically picture massive public fixtures or monuments covered with statuary and spraying powerful jets of water into large basins. This not the only way in which such fountains appear, and a modern home or business can also enjoy the presence of a well-made and beautiful stone fountain too.  When considering a stone fountain you have the choice of granite in addition to basalt garden fountains. It helps to consider exactly what sort of stone is used in the making of such fountains, and for the modern owner the most common […]

Learn about Stainless Steel Fountains


When someone thinks of stainless steel they often envision an industrial or commercial-looking setting. Even a home kitchen full of stainless steel tends to look a bit more clinical and modern than a classic kitchen design. When we discuss a stainless steel fountain, however, we must abandon those typical ideas of the metal as cold or sterile because when it is used in fountains it can give a surprisingly natural result. Stainless water fountains can come in the form of a wall-hung model over which water cascades in a shallow stream, or they can be conceptual garden or floor models […]

Learn about the Slate Water Fountain


The sound of water moving across stone is one of the most inspiring or relaxing imaginable. Such a sound brings to mind visions of small streams and meandering rivers, but can also drown out the noise of nearby vehicle or pedestrian traffic too. This is just one of the many reasons that people opt to install a slate water fountain in their home, office, or commercial spaces. Another reason for a reliance on the slate fountain is the fact that it is a remarkably flexible material for a number of decorator and designer styles. Consider that a modern room or […]