Keep Outdoor Water Features Looking Great


Having a beautiful outdoor water feature, such as those made from stone or ceramic, can be a wonderful addition to any outdoor space. Whether you are using the piece in your garden or you have the fountain become the focus of your backyard, there is something special about having a water feature. They can help a person relax and they can add a new dimension to outdoor décor. The fountains are never going to go out of style, and they can last for many years. Of course, you have to make sure that you are able to care for your […]

How to Prevent Bacteria Growth in Your Water Fountains


One of the most common concerns of water fountain owners is the growth of bacteria in their fountains. Good thing there are certain ways to prevent bacteria growth. Here they are: 1. If you have a small water fountain, it’s a good idea to use distilled water. This is however not feasible in large fountains or outdoor fountains but don’t worry if you have an outdoor or large fountains because there are plenty of products that you can use to prevent bacteria growth in your water fountains. One good product to use is the Fountec Water Treatment. Fountec has organic […]

Caring for Your Tabletop Fountain


A tabletop fountain can bring years of joy to you and your family with a little care and maintenance.  The first step in caring for your tabletop fountain is proper set up. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when first setting up your fountain. These are not difficult and may simply involve removing the fountain from the box and placing it on a level surface. Water It is recommended that distilled water be used in your tabletop fountain, as well as all other types of fountains. Tap water, whether from a city source or a county water association, has minerals and other […]

Installing an Art Wall Water Feature


So, you want to redecorate your living room to give it a whole new sense of life and vibrancy. This is not too difficult if you do a bit of advanced planning and thinking. For example, you will want to consider the type of art you hang on the walls or display in the space. Will you use sculptures? Will you opt for framed prints or actual drawings and paintings? Have you considered using an “art” wall water feature instead? This is something that comes with a range of benefits that include the ability to enhance your décor, and also […]

Winterizing Your Outdoor Fountain


Garden fountains are susceptible to extreme temperatures. While many fountains are capable of enduring cold temperatures in general, some special precautions have to be taken. This process is known as winterizing your fountain. If you fail to winterize your fountain then the water could freeze inside of the basin or the pump. The result is that it will crack and damage these vital parts. If you damage the pump, it will have to be replaced. Fountains that have concrete or cast stone parts are also at a higher risk of cracking. What should you do if you want to winterize […]

Waterfall Maintenance Instructions


Are you looking for tips on how to keep waterfall fountains clean? The answer is simply: running water. In fact, what might help you to keep your fountain clean is to put your waterfall on a timer. If your fountain waterfall runs on a consistent basis, then it’s much easier to keep track of. Let’s consider some maintenance essentials step by step. First, try to change the water in your waterfall (as in a complete replacement) once every month. What about waterfall fountain treatment, you ask? It does its job, in that it gets rid of algae, mineral deposits and […]

Using Fountain Water Treatments


You will need to use fountain water treatment on a regular basis when you have a fountain or a garden waterfall. These treatments are usually suggested for owners as a temporary solution to the buildup of algae and scale. It is not recommended as a permanent solution; meaning, you must still clean the fountain and replace the water as directed. Fountain chemicals are best for deferred maintenance and can help to keep the water looking clear and smelling like water (instead of other gross things). Ideally, this treatment allows you to go longer periods of time without cleaning the fountain.  […]

Top 10 Fountain Care Tips for Long Lasting Beauty


You sure do love your outdoor fountain, don’t you? Such a beautiful piece of work is not a common thing. However, maintaining such a fountain can be challenging. Don’t worry though-we have simplified all you need to know about outdoor fountain maintenance to ten simple points. Here they are… 1. Use water treatment once a week. This is actually the most important step if you want to keep the water clean and healthy. Using this special treatment can kill off algae, scale and rid the water of mineral deposits. Remember that these microscopic pests can damage your finish. 2. Add […]

Stainless Steel Fountain Care


If you have a fountain basin made of stainless steel, or have other parts on the feature made of this special material, then you will have to take precautions. A stainless steel fountain is well regarded for its attractive look, its clean look and its very modern appearance. As if an effervescent fountain weren’t lovely enough, when you add the shine of stainless steel you get a dazzling focal point. Stainless steel is the preferred material for high-end businesses and contemporary decoration. A stainless water fountain has a smooth and non-porous surface. This is excellent for a fountain because it […]

How to Change the Water in your Fountain


While you are not required by law to change your garden fountain water, you will really suffer the consequences when the basin becomes dirty. Most fountain specialists recommend that you change your pond or fountain water every 4-6 months. This does not refer to the process of adding water, which should be done on a more regular basis. This refers to emptying out the fountain, cleaning the fountain pieces, and then replacing the water. You are also advised to clean the pump and get rid of all the debris that has floated into the rotors. How should you go about […]