Benefits of Installing Garden Water Fountains


There are many benefits to installing garden water fountains in your yard or garden area.  Some of them are as simple as the soothing sound of water, but others are as important as providing an area for pollinating birds to bathe themselves.  There is even the very real justification that it can increase the value of your home while improving the attractiveness of the yard. Whether it is the sound of a rushing waterfall or the light patter of rain, the sound of water has always been a useful tool to help people relax.  There are even meditation exercises that […]

Deep Creek Falls 4 Stone Wall Fountain-The Ideal Choice

Deep Creek 4 Stone

Looking for a natural indoor wall fountain to bring the peace of the outdoors indoors? Look no further than the Deep Creek Falls 4 Stone Wall Fountain. No matter what the setting, this fountain is certain to take center stage. The face of the fountain features halogen lighting to bring out the gorgeous combination of polished river rocks and natural slate along a stunning pebble beach tray. You have the option of choosing between the squared edges of the tray and hood for a traditional look or the rounded edge look, newly available, for a more contemporary look. You can […]

Sunrise Springs Copper Fountain Offers Options Aplenty

Sunrise Springs

Fountains are a great way to enhance the beauty and peace of any space; whether it’s your home or office. If you’re in the market for a wall fountain that will make a bold statement, the Sunrise Springs Wall Fountain is an excellent choice. Regardless of the setting, this fountain will make an excellent focal point. Four 50-watt halogen lights comprise the face of this fountain, bringing out the stunning natural hues embedded in the slate. Options are available in a natural look features squared edges as well as a new addition that offers a more sleek and rounded edge […]

Using Wall Water Fountains Safely

Wall Fountains

Wall water fountains can provide you with an element of beauty and grace to your home or office while also introducing the great outdoors to any interior space. When using a wall water fountain there are a few safety tips that should be kept in mind to ensure that you are able to enjoy your water fountain as much as possible with no safety concerns. When using a wall-mounted fountain, it is good ideas to make sure that you use your fountain directly near a power outlet or have a qualified electrician install an outlet directly behind your fountain. Ideally, […]

Make Your Own Tabletop Fountain with Bamboo


Did you know that you can make tabletop fountains out of bamboo? Bamboo is one of the most popular materials during this green-friendly new era. It is technically a grass and grows at a much faster rate than trees. Now, you can make your own tabletop fountain using bamboo. You can buy prepackaged bamboo spout kits as well as related accessories like bowls and river rocks from an online store. You can start the process of creating a bamboo fountain by buying a watertight container, which will act as your basin. Naturally, the container must be close in size to […]

How to Turn a Birdbath into a Fountain


A birdbath is a fun distraction and a wonderful attraction for your garden area. What if you could make your bird fountain even more interesting? What if you could add a waterfall or water fountain effect in addition to the birdbath? It won’t scare the birds away…in fact, it will probably bring more animal life to the attraction. How can you create a birdbath fountain step by step? First of all, make sure that the basin you use is deep enough to keep the pump fully covered with water. You don’t want the pump to circulate air or else it […]

How to Install an Outdoor Fountain


Installing an outdoor water fountain is much more difficult than installing a small interior fountain, right? Yes, but it may not be as difficult as you anticipate. It will take a weekend’s amount of time and you may need some help from friends and family. Nevertheless, it is doable. Here are a few steps involved in the process. Outdoor fountains that are built directly into the ground have a natural appearance and, by nature, an unstructured feel to them. One of the most challenging aspects of this assignment will be in gathering up materials. You will need a main stone […]

How to Install an In-Ground Garden Fountain


Is it hard to install a garden water fountain? That is, a fountain that is actually inside the ground? It does take a little bit of effort, but the result is magical: just imagine sitting back and relaxing while streams of water splash over river rocks! As a built-in water feature, this type of fountain is indeed a popular choice. How can you go about creating garden water fountains with limited manpower and resources? You don’t have to customize…you can actually create your garden fountain using just a basin and a few extra supplies. First, think about the weight of […]

How to Install a Wall Fountain


Is it hard to install a wall fountain? It’s not as hard as you may have heard, though it is an operation that is slightly more difficult than just hanging a painting on wall brackets. Most fountain projects do require a two-person team for installation. It is ideal that you install a GFI electric outlet in the wall where you are going to house the fountain. The outlet should be right behind the fountain center. If you do not have such an outlet ready to go you might want to hire an electrician in order to avoid injury. Hiring a […]

How to Install a Pond Spitter Fountain


A pond spitter is an add-on to a water fountain attraction. These items can definitely improve the appearance and sound of your water feature. Spitters are essentially sculptures and come in a variety of shapes from something as simple as a garden spitter to a lavishly decorated sculpture. Pond water spitters have fountain tubing inside of them. Once installed, the water will come from your pump into the inside of these sculptures and out from a “spout” location. Aesthetically, it should be appropriate to the type of scene you are creating; for example, an angel or a stone animal sculpture […]