How to Choose the Right Size Fountain for Your Home


The thought of getting a fountain is exciting, but sometimes people think about all of the great things that the fountain can offer, and they don’t always spend enough time making sure that they are getting the right fountain! One thing that is very important to consider is the size. While the floor water features that you are looking at online might seem perfect, you have to consider how large they are. Is your home actually going to have enough room for the fountain? The first thing that you have to do is determine where you are going to put […]

Buying and Installing Wall Mounted Fountains


If the stresses of daily modern life are getting to you, it may be time to look into various ways you can introduce some calm and relaxation into your life. One way to do that is to consider the installation of wall mounted fountains. Such fountains are indoor water features that combine the soothing sounds of moving water along with a beautiful piece of artwork. A decorative backdrop is used for distributing the water, producing the soothing sounds associated with a waterfall. An electrical pump is used to re-circulate the water, pumping it from the bottom reservoir to the top […]

Making the Right Choice in Waterfall Fountains


Waterfall fountains offer numerous benefits – stunning aesthetics, relaxing sounds and even psychological benefits, as well. However, not all are created equal, and you will need to know how to choose the right fountain for your application. As they can be used for both personal and business needs, you will find that there are quite a few different considerations that need to be made. Size and Location One of the first considerations that you will need to make is where you will place the fountain, and how much space you have to work with. Some waterfall fountains can be very large, […]

Tabletop Fountain can be the Perfect Gift

Rock Fountain

Do you have that one or two people on your list who are impossible to buy for? Or maybe your company is looking for a unique gift to give its employees or special clients? A tabletop fountain can be the answer to your problem.  A tabletop fountain is simply a smaller version of a fountain, designed to sit on a table, desk, chest, counter or other flat surface so it can be used most anywhere. These fountains can be very small, or large enough to take up most of the space on the table. You can easily find the perfect […]

Why Table Fountains Are So Popular

Bamboo Tabletop Fountain

Since time immemorial, mankind has been bringing the elements of nature indoors in controlled and beautiful ways: candlelight, houseplants, fans and water features remind us all of our primal roots. Water, in particular, is the one we are drawn to more than others: town squares have giant decorative fountains, and workers congregate around the water cooler the way that gazelles congregate around the watering hole on the savannah. Easily accessible water has always meant safety and security for our species, and that’s why the ever-present decorative table fountains we see indoors are such a soothing feature of modern interior design. […]

Using Desk Fountains For A Mini Vacation At Work

Pouring Jar Fountain

No matter how much you may like your job, the fact of the matter remains: work is stressful. If you work in a busy office, there may be a large amount of background noise; there are usually deadlines to meet and problems to solve. When you’re getting paid to be in a certain place and to do a certain thing, it’s easy to forget to take the moments to yourself that help increase productivity and put your mind and spirit at ease. One of the simplest and easiest ways to take that little vacation is by getting a decorative desk […]

How Desk Fountains Can Combat Common Workplace Illness

Mini moonshadow

There’s a certain time of year, beginning in late fall and going into early spring, where it seems like every single person in any given office building will come down with some sort of productivity-sapping illness. Even for people who manage to keep from missing work, the dry air and increased pollutants from central heat tend to make everyone sluggish— something which is only exacerbated by the shorter amount of sunlight during the day and the increased difficulty and discomfort in spending time out of doors. But believe it or not, there’s a simple and inexpensive way to help combat […]

Purchasing a Wall Hanging Fountain for the Office


Where is the right place for a wall hanging fountain? A garden? Perhaps the lobby of a professional building? A restaurant? What about the office? This is actually a place where the remarkable benefits of a wall hanging fountain can be most appreciated. What benefits? Just consider that almost any wall hanging fountain can be credited with creating a great sense of calm and tranquility in most people who hear or see it, and the sounds that the fountains make will also add a whole new facet to almost any environment too. It is very interesting to consider the range […]

The Flexibility of Wall Mounted Fountains


It is virtually impossible to list the many different kinds of decorative styles. This is because so many people will actually go right ahead and blend or merge styles without even knowing that they’ve done it. For instance, someone might incorporate a Mid-Century esthetic within a Colonial structure, or they could combine a modern home with a Victorian décor. This is the reason that any fixtures or features meant to be used in modern design must be flexible and varied, and these are precisely the terms that describe the best wall mounted fountains. In the world of modern home decorating, […]

The Variety in Home Wall Fountains


When someone thinks about wall fountains, they usually picture a fixture that is mounted in an exterior or outdoor location. This is unfortunate because the indoor wall fountains are just as attractive and appealing as their outdoor cousins. In fact, there is an ever increasing trend for interior designers and decorators to rely on them as major elements in a room or decorating scheme. Let’s first assess the huge variety of options available to those interested in home wall fountains, and then we’ll consider how to select the right ones for your needs. First of all, it is essential to […]