Accessories for Garden Fountains


There is a huge variety of accessories available for garden fountains. They include spitters, which are smaller water features that are placed on the fountain or in the basin at the bottom of the fountain. These, of course, oftentimes have maritime themes to them, such as mermaid or fish designs. There are numerous choices available, however, and there are plenty of different animal and people designs that can be used to add a bit of flair to your fountain. If you want to get creative with your fountain, however, lighting is one of the best ways to do it. Lighting […]

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Fountain

Fountain Light

How would you like to improve your garden or interior fountain with the gift of light? Indeed, the right lighting can turn an ordinary object-like a fountain or a mist-into something theatrical and entertaining. Every time the water flow casts a reflection onto a nearby surface it creates a dream-like, shiny effect that is beautiful to behold. Just witness the light show at Bellagio in Las Vegas! One of the most popular types of fountain light is that of submersible lights. These lights go under water and shine up through the flow and onto the fountain. The effect is something […]

How to Choose the Right Fountain Fogger


What is a fountain fogger? Basically, this feature is for aesthetic purposes. Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing a mysterious mist develop around their water fountain? These effects can create a feeling of intrigue and excitement among your guests. These devices are not expensive and can fit in any type of room or fountain. Fountain foggers make use of sonic technology. There are a variety of foggers to choose from. Pond foggers are for small outdoor ponds or water garden areas. These foggers produce more fog than interior tabletops or wall-mounted fountains. They can also be used in deeper waters. Because of […]

How to Choose a Fountain Pump


Your fountain pump is the most crucial part of your fountain, as it is responsible for circulating water, creating sound, and preventing the growth of algae by adding oxygen to the water. The pump you choose is very important for the performance and overall life of your fountain, which is why you need to understand the basics of pump selection before making a choice. The next few paragraphs will help you understand what to look for in a fountain and how to choose the one that is best for you. If you have a large outdoor fountain, the water fountain […]

Fountain Pumps- Tips and Tricks


When you purchase a fountain, you will quickly learn that one of the most important aspects of keeping it beautiful is maintaining your pump. Even the smallest problems can keep your pump from working properly. What follows are some of the most common fountain pump issues as well as some tips and tricks for getting your pump working without needing to call a repair person. By following these simple tips and keeping your pump well maintained, you can help ensure that your fountain and pump enjoy years of healthy and beautiful life. If your pump is humming or seems to […]

About Fountain Pumps


When purchasing a fountain, you will discover that the pump is by far the most important aspect. While it is the body of your water fountain that provides the beauty, the fountain water pump provides the sound and motion and prevents algae and other bacteria from building up in your fountain. In the next few paragraphs, we will take a deeper look at these pumps in order to help you better understand how they work and why their proper maintenance is so crucial to your fountain. If you are looking to purchase a new fountain, you will want to ensure […]

How to Clean your Fountain Pump


Although many people insist that they are not mechanically inclined or are incapable of a simple DIY project, the fact of the matter is that fountain water pump maintenance is easily done by anybody. Whether the fountain is an indoor model or one that spends its time outdoors, the mechanics of most fountain pumps are very simple. It helps to understand that implementing a regular amount of overall fountain maintenance is going to reduce the likelihood of problems with the pump. For example, relying on distilled water for indoor fountains will prevent any mineral deposits from accumulating on the parts […]

How Fountain Foggers and Misters Work


Fountain foggers and misters are common additions to many indoor and outdoor fountains. Not only do these small machines create beautiful fog and mist around your fountain, but they offer remarkable air and health benefits when used within your home. The machines are small, and indoor models use very little electricity, yet the effect they provide is simply astounding. When you purchase a fountain mister, you will need to simply place the body of the machine into your fountain water and plug it in. The machine will oscillate at high frequencies in order to create a fine mist or spray. […]