How to Make a Statement at Your Company


When you own and run a company, one of the most important things you can do is make a statement or make an impression on the customer. If you can make that a lasting impression, your customers are much more likely to remember you, recommend you, and come back to you again and again. Making that statement may be much easier than you realize because it only takes simple changes. Before you let another customer forget you, make these changes and make the impression you need to make. Consider a Logo Fountain You may have seen these before. A logo […]

Working with Logos and Custom Fountains


What’s so appealing about a business sign? While there are always going to be limits as to the amount of creativity and originality that a business owner can use when making a roadside sign, once you actually enter their premises, they can often create signage that is unique or impressive. One of the most interesting developments in this area is the use of custom fountains instead of traditional business signs. These fountains are custom-made and incorporate the business logo in an attractive and suitable manner. For example, a company with an earthy logo and mission can easily find a good […]

You Can Design Custom Fountains


When a consumer hears the phrase “custom” they often know that they will still have some serious limitations. For instance, when someone can custom design a piece of jewelry, they will have to stick to a short list of materials and some very basic patterns or shapes. When it is custom fountains, however, a consumer can find vendors with the ability to provide a lot more flexibility. For example, the best vendors will allow their clients to approach them with sketches and drawings of their personal “vision” and then will work with them to make that vision a reality. Often, […]

A Custom Fountains Primer


Did someone just tell you that custom fountains are among the new “must have” features in an interior design plan? If so, that person is correct. If you don’t believe that fountains are a common occurrence in many interior (as well as exterior) design schemes, just make a visit to your local shopping mall. Certainly, there are the massive courtyard fountains that serve as a major attraction for visitors, but start looking at the interiors of the many shops and restaurants. You will begin to notice right away that everything from the nail salons to the upscale restaurants have custom […]

Tips for Selecting Custom Fountains


There is a lot to be said for an interior space that uses such innovative accents as custom fountains. This is because such a choice allows the area to become a “destination” of sorts thanks to the superior qualities of such a unique accent. Just consider the “average” reception area or entrance to a business. While some good wall art or well-designed lighting can enhance the overall experience of the space, when there is the gentle sound of water and the different textures that can be used in custom fountains, the area suddenly comes to life. This does mean, however, […]

Unique Ideas and Custom Fountains


Do you really want your home or business to reflect your taste or style? If you answered yes to that question then you may want to consider adding some of the more unique and innovative accents currently available. Among the most interesting, and flexible, are custom fountains. These are found in the form of wall-mounted or floor units, but can even be purchased as specialized garden, desktop and courtyard models too. They come in an almost unlimited number of materials that can range from metal and glass, to acrylic and ceramics. They are called custom fountains, rather than stock styles, […]

Add Your Logo to a Floor Fountain


What better way to showcase your business logo in your office than a floor fountain. The beauty, tranquility, musical, and soothing effects of any water fountain can add to your reception area, conference room, or waiting room. Clients and customers will find themselves staring at the water fountain, and consequently staring at your logo. The more one sees a logo, the more likely it is to be remembered. In addition to adding a logo to the floor fountain in an office, it can also be added to water fountains purchased and given to clients and other business associates for goodwill. […]

Choices in Custom Fountains

Custom Fountains

You may have noticed many fountains situated in public places and even in the offices of some businesses. There is a good reason for this—fountains attraction attention. Have you ever considered designing your own fountain for your home or office? You will have a large selection to choose from when shopping for a custom water fountain. You also have the option of custom designing a fountain for a specific area. Whether you want to work with a design you have already come up with or simply want to use a modern design standard for today’s fountains, you can find your […]

Tips for Designing a Custom Fountain

Custom Water Fountains

Designing custom water fountains can be a great way to add a bit of elegance and ambiance to your home or office while also helping you to display your artistic flair. There are numerous types of fountains and a number of spaces and places where they can be implemented. The fountain that will work best for your space will depend on a number of things, including the size and intention of the space, but ultimately the design will depend on your personal tastes. What follows are a few tips for creating the right custom fountain for your space. One thing […]

Selecting a Commercial Custom Fountain

Custom Water Fountains

A custom fountain can be a great addition to virtually any space. While this is true for homes and gardens, it is equally true for businesses and commercial spaces. Whether you seek to create an elaborate display for a store or business or to enhance the appeal of a park, complex, or other commercial site, utilizing a well placed water fountain is certainly one of the best ways to do so. There are numerous types of commercial custom water fountains. Business owners will find that they can choose from fountains that are designed to be purely artistic to those that […]