Caring for Your Water Features

If you have a pond or a larger fountain in your yard, then you are already aware of the calming benefits that one can offer.  With your water feature, you can raise fish, cultivate water plants, or just relax with a cup of coffee every morning and listen to the soft sounds of rushing water.  Whatever type of water feature you choose, you should be careful to maintain it properly so that it can always offer you the same peace of mind.  If you notice that your water is turning green with algae or your fish are unhealthy, then you may have missed a step somewhere in the care of your pond or fountain.

The nutrients in your pond or fountain will continue to grow over time, but not all of these nutrients are good.  There are bad nutrients and good bacteria, and it is important to maintain the right levels of both to keep your water feature as healthy as possible.  If you do not, you will notice a growth in plankton algae and probably some pretty noxious odors.  The quickest way to take care of this is to look for pond aerators that will work at all hours of the day to keep your water health balanced.

You can, of course, look into chemicals to keep your water features looking their best.  Pond Aerators are definitely a healthier way to maintain oxygen levels and keep the water fresh, however.  There are several different types from which to choose, so it all depends on the type of water feature you own and the aesthetic value you hope your aeration system will hold.

When choosing pond aerators, you can select from surface models or underwater units.  Surface models look like a fountain, but they actually pump a great deal more water than a regular fountain will.  This helps to keep the water moving at all times, which will generously spread oxygen throughout the pond or fountain.  These systems are often run on electricity, and they work better for shallower features.  Deeper ponds of eight feet or more work better with underwater pond aerators.  Because they are submerged so deeply, a wind powered system is often better, though you may want to find one that can be powered by electricity on occasion for emergency situations.  If you have questions when you’re searching, find an expert and don’t be afraid to ask.