Caring for Your Tabletop Fountain

A tabletop fountain can bring years of joy to you and your family with a little care and maintenance.  The first step in caring for your tabletop fountain is proper set up. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when first setting up your fountain. These are not difficult and may simply involve removing the fountain from the box and placing it on a level surface.


It is recommended that distilled water be used in your tabletop fountain, as well as all other types of fountains. Tap water, whether from a city source or a county water association, has minerals and other additives to it to ensure its quality for human consumption. These minerals and any additives will damage your pump and often damage the fountain itself by staining.  When purchasing distilled water do not get confused by bottles labeled “drinking water” or any other label, distilled water will be labeled as such and is the only water where minerals have been removed and nothing has been added.

It’s also important that you maintain the required water level in your tabletop fountain. When water is low, the pump does not operate as efficiently and if allowed to operate with a dry fountain will burn up. Water is lost from your fountain through evaporation, so adding water periodically is necessary.


Water is required for life. Unfortunately this also often means that where there is water, there is life. Often unwanted life grows in fountains like algae. Algae are not harmful and as long as the water in the fountain is not allowed to be stagnant will not produce unwanted odors. However, they do detract from the beauty of your tabletop fountain. In addition, if allowed to grow the pump may eventually become clogged. If the volume or speed of water flowing begins to decrease, it’s likely that the pump needs to be cleaned.


Periodically you should clean the fountain and the pump. Occasionally, if algae have been allowed to grow unhindered, it may be necessary to empty the tabletop fountain and thoroughly clean each part.  A soft damp rag is generally all that is necessary, but if you choose to use cleaners be sure to use only those intended for fountains. It’s also a good idea to sterilize your fountain after cleaning it. This can be done by dipping all the parts, including the pump, in a mild chlorine solution.

Proper care of your tabletop fountain will ensure that it is enjoyed for years.