Build a Backyard Oasis in the Desert

If you live in a hot, desert environment such as you might find in Arizona or parts of Southern California, then you might be about ready to give up on the idea of having a garden. You don’t have to let that dream evaporate though! You will find that you can build a nice little oasis that is going to fit into your desert home, and that won’t use too much water. One of the reasons that so many people who are in the desert give up on the idea of having a garden is that they think it’s going to take up too much water. Here are some things that you can do instead that will help you create a great, relaxing garden.

Make Use of Stones

Consider getting stones that you can use for your backyard rather than trying to maintain living grass. You can find stones of different colors that you can use in the backyard. White is often a good option because it won’t absorb the heat as readily as darker colored stones will. You have many options that you do when you start to incorporate stones. Another option could be to use fake grass, but this doesn’t always look real, and it might not fit with the theme you are trying to create with your oasis.

Cacti are Beautiful

In addition to the stones that you have in your yard, cacti are a nice addition. Cactus come in a host of different varieties, and you will be able to find many that flower. They could have pink, red, and yellow flowers, and they can add a splash of color to the backyard. You can find cacti in many different sizes as well, and you shouldn’t have much trouble finding enough to give your home a great look. Best of all, cacti are usually quite cheap. Also, they are not going to require much water, which can help you save on your water bill.

Add a Fountain as a Centerpiece to the Yard

You will likely want to have some type of centerpiece, something that will draw the yard together. A fountain is a great idea. Outdoor fountains can be a perfect addition. You can find fountains that have an earthy look about them and that will be able to fit into your decoration scheme. The fountains use much less water than you might imagine too.

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