Bring the Outside In with an Indoor Waterfall

We spend a lot of our time inside, usually preferring to be outside. In office settings, we are often inside four walls with no natural air circulation from outside and few windows, none of which open. This can create illness and other problems, including the blues, especially during winter. In addition, indoor air quality in these situations is generally poor. However, you can bring the outside in anywhere with an indoor waterfall.

An indoor waterfall not only provides a focal point and adds artistic beauty to any room, but also creates the sounds of nature with running water. All indoor, artificial waterfalls are made of a basin of some type, a structure which the water falls down, and the tubing and pumps that make it operate. Waterfalls are generally floor fountains, but small ones can be tabletop fountains.

Types of Indoor Waterfall Fountains

Cascading waterfalls pump water to the top container and water falls from one container to another which generally get larger gradually, until the water falls into the basin. Not all cascading fountains have graduating sizes of containers, some are the same size. Tiered fountains are actually a variation of a cascading fountain.

Natural appearing indoor waterfall fountains are designed with rocks, stones, and sometimes wood, and the water falls from the top to the bottom like streaming falls. These can be small for the inside, but larger for the outside.

Water walls are simply a type of fountain where a sheet of water falls from the top to the basin. These are similar to the large waterfalls where a sheet of water is falling from a tall cliff but the rock behind the water can be seen. Depending on the volume of water in these fountains, they make excellent fountains for adding a business logo behind the sheet of water.

Benefits of an Indoor Waterfall

Of course, there are the relaxing benefits of an indoor fountain, and the beauty of the fountain in the room. However, there are other benefits which can be derived. Waterfall fountains act as humidifiers, adding moisture to a dry room and also improve the air quality by removing dust and other particles from the air by producing negative ions. In an office setting this makes a world of difference for the surroundings. The sounds and beauty of flowing water enhance the work day and possibly create more productive workers.