Benefits of Solar Fountains

Garden fountains have many benefits, but when you choose solar fountains other benefits will be derived as well. These fountains work by using a solar panel to soak up the sun’s rays and use it for energy or store it for later use. These solar panels can be attached by a cord or directly on the fountain.

Renewable Energy Source

Solar fountains are powered by solar energy derived from the sun. The sun is a renewable energy source that does not have negative effects on the environment. In addition, it can never be depleted. Solar fountains do not produce pollution either during operation or in order to obtain energy to run them. They can be placed anywhere in a yard or garden because there is no need to be close to an electrical outlet. This makes solar fountains the most versatile outdoor fountain available.

Cost Savings

Due to advancements in technology the initial cost of a solar fountain is not substantially higher than a standard outdoor fountain. Most cost differences among various fountains relate to the size of the fountain and the materials used to make it. Because no electricity is used, there are no continuing energy costs for operating solar fountains.

Visual Appeal

All fountains provide visual appeal to any garden. Solar fountains have the advantage of being able to be placed anywhere the sun shines in a garden. This allows a homeowner to take advantage of where the fountain will best complement the yard or garden.


There is something about water, especially moving water, that relaxes us and fountains provide that relaxation when we aren’t near the ocean or other water source. Solar fountains provide the same musical quality of sounds that any other fountain does similarly made.

White Noise

Fountains act as a serene noise, blocking out obnoxious, distracting noises.


If you want to attract wildlife to your yard fountains can help. Birds will enjoy drinking a bathing in any fountain. Solar fountains designed specifically for this purpose, shaped like a typical birdbath, are available. Of course, you may attract wildlife you don’t necessarily want to be in your yard, but rest assured that the minute you make an appearance they disappear.

Solar fountains are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and can be purchased in most local home improvement stores, hardware stores, garden centers, or on the Internet. If you want to go green in your garden, the solar fountain is your best option for an aesthetic work of art and water source.