Beat the Winter Blues with an Indoor Water Fountain

The winter season is upon us and there’s no question that in the coldest days of the year nothing is more comfortable than curling up in a blanket inside of a warm, clean home. Unfortunately for many residents, not everyone understands just how unhealthy their home conditions are. The winter season is the worst in terms of unbalanced humidity. The lack of air circulation and humidity can cause various negative health effects.

When you buy indoor fountains however, you can alleviate many of these affects. A water fountain can humidify the air via a negative ion increase. Such a device can also help to circulate the air and bring these healthier negative ions into the room. Fountains are also highly regarded for their comforting sounds of flowing water, their aesthetic beauty and their relaxing effects.

An indoor fountain is capable of humidifying the room regardless of how much heat your house generates. Whether you use gas, oil or electricity to power up your heaters, an indoor water fountain will fit right in. Remember that not using any humidifying device can cause problems. Dry air can cause cracks to develop in floorboards, trim, and drywall. Dry air can damage delicate finishes on wooden furniture. It can also cause adverse physical effects like dry hair, dry skin and irritated eyes.

Some people will go out of their way to buy a commercial humidifier just to address this problem. However, these devices actually provide too much humidity. They can actually cause dangerous mold to develop in a house. Whereas humidifiers are a risk, indoor water fountains give precisely the right amount of humidity you need in the winter season. Indoor fountains are easy to use and economical in price. What this device does is put humidity back in the air (even after cold temperatures reduce it) but not at the rate that will cause mold and other condensation damage.

You could set up a fountain inside a floor, on a tabletop or even on the wall. An indoor fountain lets you pull water molecules from the air and also provides an additional source of water. This device will help your health, the health of your pets and even your plants. Another benefit of the indoor water fountain is that it is quiet and soothing in sound, unlike commercial humidifiers, which carry a sour “hum.”

Imagine the thrill of having fresh mountain air or ocean breezes in your home. Fill your room with negative ions using indoor water fountains and you will breathe much easier.

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