Bamboo Spouts and Deer Chasers Offer a Relaxing and Simple Design

When considering the purchase of a water fountain, there are many people who think that every model has to be elaborate, heavy, and expensive. Surprisingly, however, there are many simple fountains that can provide all of the benefits of larger models without the complex designs or overpowering visual effects. If you are looking for something smaller and more tranquil, bamboo fountains might just offer what you are seeking. These fountains can be employed indoors and are surprisingly simple to set up and maintain. Using only an existing bowl or a decorative bowl, a bamboo spout can create a calming trickle of water that will mitigate noise without providing a new distraction.

The main benefit of bamboo spouts is that they are so simple. Inspired by Japanese water gardens, the decorative bowls can be kept plain or can be decorated with lily pads, rocks, or other adornments. The sound that these spouts offer is surprisingly calming and can help promote relaxation and inner peace during a stressful day. Studies show that such fountains can also help promote healthier sleep at night.

If you are looking to achieve the same simplicity and tranquility outdoors, a deer chaser fountain might be just what you need. These fountains are simply in design and are created as a single piece. There is a bamboo arm on the fountain that rocks forward and backward as it fills and empties. The gentle clacking sound that the arm makes gives the fountain its name, as it was once used to keep deer away from gardens. Today, the fountain is largely used for decorative purposes. While it does serve as a distraction for deer, these fountains are excellent for attracting songbirds and butterflies and  to help create a more beautiful space. They are also idea for use in ponds that contain fish, as they are safe for other animals and contain no electrical components.

The beauty of  bamboo fountains is that it is all natural when decorating one of these spouts. While most fountains rely on electricity to provide relaxing sounds, these simplistic models rely only on motion. The falling water creates a simple perpetual motion machine that will continue moving indefinitely as long as there is enough water available. Your home and garden can gain many benefits from the calm and serenity offered by a small bamboo fountain, and you will certainly find that these fountain types offer easy maintenance and high relaxation. Whether you are seeking a year round way to mitigate noise or a way to stay close to nature during the cold winter months, a bamboo motion fountain certainly provides what you are looking for.

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