Asian Water Fountain Designs

Water features and fountains are a popular addition in many homes, gardens, offices, and commercial spaces. One of the fountain types that are growing rapidly in popularity is Asian water fountains. There are many popular designs and styles that fall into this category, including Zen fountains and numerous tabletop designs as well as outdoor and wall fountains. For people seeking a relaxing, elegant, and unique fountain design, this category certainly has much to offer.

Zen water fountains are certainly among the most popular Asian inspired fountain designs. Employing rocks, chimes, and other items that will create a unique form of music or relaxing sound as water rushes over them, these fountains are ideal for meditation, white noise production, or simply eliminating background sounds within your space. There are also outdoor Zen fountains that are created to help with meditation and relaxation.

Other popular Asian water fountains include many Buddhist fountains. Often featuring a bust of Buddha or the commonly pictured seated figure, these fountains are excellent for meditating, relaxation, or simply providing an elegant bit of Eastern d├ęcor for your space. There are indoor and outdoor versions of these fountains as well as ones intended for tabletops, wall mounting, or to act as a standalone decorative water feature. Choosing the right one for your space can be as simple as determining which one most appeals to your personal sense of style and decoration.

Another popular Asian water fountain design employs both fire and water. Many eastern practices believe that all of the elements, earth, air, fire, and water are sacred, and these fountains employ all of these aspects. The fire is typically gained through a small oil burning lamp, while the water pours over the rocks, which represent earth. Metal and wood, which are also considered sacred items, are also commonly used in these fountains. These fountain types are designed to bring harmony and balance to a space but should certainly be used only away from the reach of children and pets.

If you are seeking a Zen water fountain or an Asian inspired water feature, you will discover that there are numerous choices for virtually any space. Water features are intended to be decorative and relaxing and can help improve air quality in any space as well. Your fountain will offer many benefits and should be chosen depending on your space and your personal style. Asian water fountains are a beautiful addition to any home, office, or yard and can help you create a sacred or calming space no matter where you are.

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