Artwork and Wall Water Features

When you think of wall water features you probably envision a different assortment of fountains mounted vertically to a wall. If you are like most consumers, you will picture a stone, metal, or glass background because these are the most common designs. What you might not envision is a piece of popular or original art serving as the background for the falling water, but this is actually something available through the better vendors.

Consider too that many manufacturers and distributors of wall fountains will also allow their customers to create personalized styles that incorporate logos or even carved surfaces, unique bases, and more. For example, a business owner can easily have their logo screened, printed, etched or carved into the backdrop of their wall water features. They can then mount the fixtures behind a reception desk, in the main entryway, and in any reception or waiting areas. The result would be esthetically pleasing, totally unique and come with the benefits of positive association.

What is that? When wall water features incorporate custom art or logos, they often create a “link” in the minds of those who see them, and this link then associates the calm and pleasant sensations of the fountain with the business whose logo or custom art appears on that fountain.

Of course, it isn’t always as complex as that, and a homeowner might opt for one of the wall water features that adds artwork to the design too. In this way, they get the benefits of the gentle sounds of the moving and falling water, but they also get the good looks of their favorite artwork too. The best manufacturers will usually have options for total customization of such fixtures, and the buyer will be able to select from a range of available prints and images or opt to submit their own for customization.

What would such a feature look like? Well, let’s say that you love the paintings of Van Gogh, and you also wanted to enjoy the pleasant sounds of a waterfall in your family room. You can easily work with a manufacturer of high-quality fountains to combine a work of art that is similar in design to the famous painter’s with an array of different fountain styles. The water would not always have to be in motion, and this would allow you to enjoy the lovely artwork at the times when the fountain is turned off. The ability to add light fixtures also makes this an excellent option as well.