Are Water Fountains the New Grandfather Clocks?

For many years, the traditional wedding gift to give to your children on their big day was a large grandfather clock. The sway of the pendulum and the grandeur of the design made the grandfather clock a formidable presence; moms and dads loved presenting such a sizeable gift to the happy new couple. Over time, however, the grandfather clock has slowly fallen out of favor; the conventional style is no longer apropos to a young couple’s aesthetic.

Is anything taking the place of this mammoth timepiece? Indeed, water fountains have an equal amount of sway and grandeur, yet without the formality of a grandfather clock. A floor waterfall is impressive and powerful, yet it’s made of more modern materials, such as slate or stainless steel. This translates to a much more contemporary vibe, yet you still get the forceful, timeless presence of an old grandfather clock.

Floor water fountains come in all shapes and sizes, and can be engraved if necessary. You can even choose the frame and finish to match your personal design aesthetic. They help add humidity to the air, and they aren’t prone to algae because the water is in motion. Most have superior water distribution systems to prevent clogging and spraying, and splash guards protect against splashing.

Water fountains are not only appreciated for their beauty, but also their ability to recreate the sound of a babbling brook or a rainfall. The sound of rushing water helps calm the spirit and brings tranquility to a home. On some models, the cascade is loud enough to mask outside noise, so that your home truly becomes an oasis in the middle of suburbia.

Wall waterfall pieces are a smart alternative if floor space is limited. They provide the same atmosphere without using up precious square footage, and they’re the perfect alternative to artwork.

While grandfather clocks will always have their place in traditional homes, water fountains are a smart alternative for anyone who wants an impressive piece with a more current vibe. Whether you buy one for your son or daughter’s wedding day, or you opt to buy one for yourself, it’s the kind of magical gift that instantly lends an upscale feel to a modern home. No matter if you choose a lighted free-standing fountain or something for your wall, the impact that this decor delivers is more youthful and less grandfatherly.