Answers to Your Top 10 Water Fountain Questions

There are quite a few commonly asked questions when discussing the subject of water fountains. Let’s consider 10 frequently asked questions. These answers can help you make an educated decision when you’re ready to buy.

1. Does running a water fountain require a lot of work?
Not as much as you might think. In fact, a good comparison is a house plant. All you have to do is “water” the fountain; you add water to the basin on occasion to make up for evaporation. Once in a while you will also have to clean the fountain. As you can see, not much effort is required!

2. My pump makes too much noise. How can I make it quiet?
Water fountains operate at a minimal amount of noise, much less than the average appliance. However, there are ways to make it quiet if the water pump is become a nuisance. First, make sure the water level is covering the pump. Next, make sure the pump isn’t vibrating against one or the other side. (If so, put a cloth in between the pump and fountain) The fountain should operate quietly after this.

3. Don’t water fountains use a lot of electricity?
Your fountain shouldn’t use more electricity than an average size lamp. You will not notice any significant difference in your electric bill just because you are using a fountain. Remember, some fountains have energy saving options and can turn themselves off automatically.

4. How do I stop algae and other mineral deposits from developing?
The best way to keep all these pests out is to put a few drops of anti-algae water treatment into the fountain on a weekly basis. These drops will not only destroy algae already present but will also prevent the formation of new growth.

5. Can I adjust the volume of the water fountain’s flow?
Water fountains can be adjusted for noise level by manipulating the flow adjustor switch. This feature is available on most modern fountains.

6. How hard is it to install a fountain?
Most water fountains are easy to install. You simply take the two brackets on the back and place them to a wall. (Like a picture frame)

7. How do fountain foggers operate?
Fountain foggers do not use fog juice or anything of that sort. They operate via ultrasonic technology; this is used to create high-frequency vibrations, which turn into mist.

8. What is the right type of fountain light?
You are looking for submersible fountain lights. These specially made lights are placed in the basin of the fountain and can create various light patterns using the reflections on the water flow. Smaller lights (5 watt) can be used in any fountain. Brighter illumination requires at least a 10 watt light.

9. Are there any battery-powered water fountains?
Yes, but they don’t seem to work very well. Few if any seem to provide enough water flow.

10. How can I make my fountain pump last longer? Perform regular pump maintenance as directed, keep enough water inside the system at all times, clean the pump and fountain occasionally, and try to avoid turning the pump on and off on a regular basis.


  1. gayathri says

    Hai..I am from dubai .. we r in southwest 1 bedroom apartment. Ii would like to have water fountain in my home…where I can keep it….. placing it in right hand side of main door is not adviced ..but left to main door we have kitchen . So i planned to keep it I north sector of my home…. but my question is right hand side water fountain should not be kept near only the door or to the right hand side of whole living room

  2. cheryl says

    Hopefully I can get my question answered… I want to build a fish pond with a waterfall… All the pumps I find have that sprinkler attachment but I will be removing it an putting a tube to go up my waterfall that will be about 3 feet tall. The pump will be about 1 foot under water.. So around 5 feet of tubing will be used.

    I know nothing about pumps and I just realized what GPH is. I don’t know what GPH I would need to make water travel up 5 feet of tube. The tube will be going in to a tea pot and that will be pouring into tea cups so I don’t need it to be shooting out of the tube… Also I’m looking at solar power pumps. Can you help me pick one or tell me exactly what I need to look for. I’m looking on amazon for a pump.

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