Adding Your Logo to an Office Fountain

Although the words logo and fountain tend to be heard infrequently in the same sentence, there is a growing trend for business owners to have customized wall fountains installed in their offices and reception areas. How is such a thing done? A logo fountain is one that uses the desired material and which the company or business logo is etched or printed in its surface.

For example, it is fairly simple to find a slate wall fountain into which the logo is then carved. Such a fountain could be hung in the main entrance of the business and serve as a unique and memorable greeting and a soothing background sound for those waiting for an appointment or meeting.

Who uses logo water fountains? Every sort of business can easily find a way to incorporate such a feature into their interior design scheme. In fact, it is generally well-known that water features are often associated with a certain level of prestige or success, and are simultaneously a way to attract attention.

Let’s develop a simple case study for a business wondering whether or not to install a logo fountain. The business in question is an independent restaurant located in an average shopping mall. While the owner could easily install a standard illuminated sign over the entrance to the space, they would prefer something that sends a subtler and yet more attractive message. They begin to explore their options and discover the availability of logo water fountains. They soon see that they could have their restaurant logo engraved into a large piece of beautiful slate, and that this slate could be mounted to an aged copper frame. The frame could have hidden lighting above the engraving to illuminate it in a flattering way, and all the while the gentle and appealing sound of the water would be attracting all of the people passing by.

Of course, a logo fountain does not have to be used in a way to attract new business with its good looks and soothing charms, but can be installed within the workspace or reception area to serve as a warm and relaxing greeting to all who enter. These are among the most frequently selected of the logo water fountains because they send a very strong message, can serve as a major focal or artistic element, and are easily maintained.

It is this last issue that must be considered with the installation of any wall fountain, and most owners will have to implement a system of maintenance that is suitable to the fountain and to the materials they have selected. One of the best approaches to success with any logo fountain is to rely on distilled water only and to perform maintenance regularly.

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