Adding Fountains in a Construction Project

When is the best time to consider the addition of a large-scale fountain into a commercial or professional space? Generally, they are going to be a relatively simple project to tackle, but if a building is under construction or undergoing a renovation it might be the ideal time to also consider the addition of  a custom fountain too.

This is not to say that it takes a full construction crew or a large team of trained experts to install even a very large wall-mounted fountain. If, however, a wall space is open to the supporting studs, and the opportunity to add a bit of reinforcement along with a conveniently positioned electrical outlet is available it is a good time to plan an installation.

While there are truly commercial fountains that require a great deal of effort to install, there are many well-made and incredibly impressive fountains that can be handled by two to three people.

Let’s take a look at the wide array of custom fountains available, and how these might fit very well into a modern construction project. Firstly, they can be found as wall-mounted or floor fountains, and they come in every kind of material imaginable. There are slabs of beautiful granite, innovative panels of acrylic, impressively polished sheets of metal, and even some in ceramic or resin options as well.

This means that someone interested in commercial fountains will be able to purchase something as impressive as a three-panel unit made from copper framing and natural slate. These sorts of products can also come as custom fountains with a business logo carved or etched into them, along with some strategically positioned lighting that could be incorporated into the design too. Such an installation would be ideally suited to a construction project, but with some advanced planning and a tiny bit of effort the job could also be tackled by two or three people working as a team.

There are also outdoor fountains with the appearance of all natural stone, but which are made of easy to maintain resin. These would be suitable for almost any environment, though the pumps may need to be removed to a more hospitable and sheltered area during winter months in which the temperatures plummet. These can be shaped as waterfalls and positioned against a wall, or they can even be found in the same looks as classic fountains with spouting water and beautiful basins into which the streams pour. Should the building or garden be under construction it would be the ideal time to prepare the ground for the fountain as well.

Of course, the thing to remember about all commercial fountains is that there will be tons of foot traffic, and this means that attention must be paid to such items as electrical cords. This is because it is a very easy thing for a guest or passerby to trip over a cord, and is the reason that special electrical outlets should be installed while the space is under construction.

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