Adding a Fountain to Your Real Estate Office

Modern consumers connect certain thoughts with certain products. For example, at one point in time the owner of a cell phone was considered extremely successful and prestigious. This same way of thinking also applies to the physical offices and buildings that house a business, and the presence of such items as fountains generally create a sense of success as well.

If you have a real estate business, you may want to consider adding a water feature to the interior or exterior of the shop. A realty water fountain could be used in place of a traditional business sign just outside of an entryway, or it could be used within the office too. There are some small tabletop real estate fountains that look like modern art and which fit comfortably on a tabletop. There are also wall mounted and floor models that can fit beautifully into a waiting room or reception area too.

Naturally, any choice of realty water fountain is going to require the owner to coordinate their fountain with the existing décor and architectural style. For example, there are slate, stone, metal, resin, acrylic and even ceramic fountains that are shaped and designed in an amazing number of ways.

As an example, let’s consider a very traditional office location that was considering adding real estate fountains to attract a different level of clientele. This is a wise idea, and the most appealing option for a shop located among other businesses in a commercial building is to use a very innovative sign. This could be similar to the one mentioned above, which would include something like a slab of stone or a panel of acrylic that has the business name and logo etched into the surface. The water in the fountain would gently glide down over the surface and patter onto the basin or surface below. This would present all visitors with an instant sense of prestige and modernity, or it could just as easily incorporate more organic elements and give a very down to earth message as well.

This is the key issue about any realty water fountain – it must be selected in an appropriate style to the general tone of the business. It is not wise to incorporate any real estate fountains simply for the sake of it, and it is an unnecessary step too. This is because they come in such an enormous number of styles and designs that they can be easily found in options that fit the existing space and décor.

The other issue to consider, apart from coordinating with the space, is the ease in which the fixture can be installed and maintained. One of the most common problems that owners deal with is the difficulty in receiving electricity to the pump. For this reason alone it is vitally important to carefully plan the placement of a fountain.

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