Adding a Fountain to a Hair Salon

In the modern era a hair salon has emerged as something much more than a location for a quick wash and blow dry. Today millions of people also look to these locations for many personal grooming needs, and many shops have the same environment as a spa. This is the reason that most owners will add a suitable hair salon fountain to their business space.

A beauty salon fountain can be mounted to a wall, positioned on the floor, or even set firmly on a tabletop, but wherever they are located their soothing sounds and interesting materials only add to the overall environment. The interesting thing about the choices for a hair salon fountain is that they can range from stone and metal to ceramic and acrylic too. They can have custom art imprinted on their surface or they can be shaped to look like something out of an ancient building in some mysterious land.

This means that a beauty salon fountain can add the relaxing sounds of the moving water, but it can also enhance the overall design and décor. In fact, it is entirely possible to make the fountain a central feature of the reception area or lobby. Many salons use a  floor fountain as a divider between sections in their salon, so two areas can enjoy the same unit.

Of course, a hair salon fountain, like all other fountains, will need regular maintenance and care in order to operate properly and to keep its good looks. Consider the acrylic fountains; these are incredibly unique items that can have designs etched into their surface or art mounted to the reverse where it is safe from water. This means they can have a sort of opaque glass appearance, or they can even look like wall art, but if the fountain is not maintained, the water can turn off color and the entire look can be ruined.

This indicates that a beauty salon fountain should be regularly maintained, but it should also be positioned to allow for easy access to the plug and pump. This brings us to the other issue where the use of fountains in such busy locations as beauty salons is concerned – any risks to foot traffic.

While it might be tempting to select a floor fountain that has a sculptural base, if it is likely to be knocked or bumped into on a regular basis it could be a bit risky. Additionally, if the electrical service for the fountain is located far from the spot selected for the installation, the owner is going to have to rely on extension cords. This is both unattractive and unwise, and the best course of action is to have the outlet installed behind or beneath the actual fountain to prevent any spills or accidents.

Apart from those minor concerns, the addition of a fountain to a beauty salon is a great way to create a relaxing and upscale environment with only the smallest amount of effort.

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