Add Your Logo to a Floor Fountain

What better way to showcase your business logo in your office than a floor fountain. The beauty, tranquility, musical, and soothing effects of any water fountain can add to your reception area, conference room, or waiting room. Clients and customers will find themselves staring at the water fountain, and consequently staring at your logo. The more one sees a logo, the more likely it is to be remembered.

In addition to adding a logo to the floor fountain in an office, it can also be added to water fountains purchased and given to clients and other business associates for goodwill. This will get your logo in front of the desired people on a much more regular basis. Every time the client looks at the fountain, they see your logo and are reminded of your business and your generosity.

A logo can be placed on the top of a fountain or on its basin. In addition, the logo can be placed where it is seen through the water. When a floor water fountain made of a glass wall is chosen, the logo can be etched right into the glass. It’s prominent but not flashy. It’s a subtle reminder of your company while the client is on the premises.

The fountain with your logo can be as simple as you desire, or elaborate. The choice is best when it complements the décor of the room in which you intend for it to be placed. Lights can be placed in the fountain or to shine on the fountain and highlight the logo. Personalization is at its best when you combine it with a floor fountain.

Staff, partners, associates, and clients will all enjoy the added touch of a floor water fountain in the office. It improves indoor air quality, which is needed in closed up offices that never receive natural air from windows and outside doors. It immediately relaxes those who may be nervous about why they are visiting you because they are able to enjoy the sounds and beauty of the floor fountain.

Nothing is as welcoming as the sight of a well-placed floor fountain. Immediately attracting the attention of those entering the room, including your logo will ensure that they start to associate you and your logo with beauty, calmness, and composure. This can begin the process of building trust in you and your business.