Acrylic Fountain Care

Acrylic fountains add a certain elegance and visual charm to any water feature. The look of acrylic is modern and artistic. Just imagine what a nice feeling it would be to have aesthetic beauty along with the soothing sound of a waterfall or water fountain nearby?

Is it practical to buy  an   acrylic water fountain? Is there any special maintenance involved? An acrylic water fountains does have some special maintenance requirements. Let’s consider these one at a time.

First of all, you have to keep the fountain clean. No fountain is resistant against dirt, dander, debris, algae and mineral deposits. You must clean the fountain on a regular basis and also replace the water regularly. You must add new water to the fountain to account for evaporation on a near daily basis. In between cleanings, you can use water treatment to get rid of a lot of harmful chemicals.

When it comes to actually cleaning an acrylic fountain, as in cleaning the acrylic basin or piece, you must use proper cleaning solutions. Plastic polish is recommended and it is available at most hardware stores. Before you start cleaning the fountain (and this is recommended at least twice a year) you must empty out all the dirty water. When it is empty you can proceed to wipe it with a soft cloth or a chamois. Use a generous amount of plastic cleaner and wet both the material and the cloth. Please make sure that check your included manufacturers cleaning instructions before using any type of cleaner on your acrylic fountain.

Acrylic is not like stainless steel—it can scratch easily. It’s comparable to silver in this way. If you get a scratch on the fountain then you can use scratch remover polish as well as a cloth to clean. If the scratch is especially deep then polish will not do the trick. You may have to get a complete restoration kit in order to successful remove the spots.

When cleaning an acrylic water fountain avoid using harsh or abrasive products. This includes window cleaning fluids, scouring substances, gritty rags, household cleaners, lacquer thinner, benzene, ethyl gasoline, alcohol, acetone, and carbon tetra chlorine. In other words, whatever you can think of in terms of ordinary house cleaning supplies is probably too harsh for acrylic fountains. Stick with the polish recommended or with a special kit made for cleaning. If you use an abrasive cleaning tool then you may damage the finish. You must also be careful to keep acrylic water fountains away from heat sources or flames.

All those high maintenance quibbling aside, there really is nothing as beautiful as a glossy, spotless acrylic water fountain feature!

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