Accessories for Garden Fountains

There is a huge variety of accessories available for garden fountains. They include spitters, which are smaller water features that are placed on the fountain or in the basin at the bottom of the fountain. These, of course, oftentimes have maritime themes to them, such as mermaid or fish designs. There are numerous choices available, however, and there are plenty of different animal and people designs that can be used to add a bit of flair to your fountain. If you want to get creative with your fountain, however, lighting is one of the best ways to do it.

Lighting garden fountains means being safe, first and foremost. Always use lighting systems that are purpose-built and that are designed to be safe to use around water. There are lighting systems that install within a fountain and ones that install outside of it and provide flood lighting to the water feature. There are also LED systems that provide brilliant colors and many different options where effects are concerned. As far as color and intensity go, there are really no limits to how a fountain can be customized with the right lighting system.

Garden fountains that are made of metal offer the opportunity to create very beautiful lighting effects. The light dancing off of a stainless steel fountain, for instance, is only made more stunning by its interaction with the water and the metal. Fountains that have tall sprays give you the opportunity to illuminate the column of water to great effect. You can also create great effects with the lighting on a tiered stone fountain. Water coursing over the tiers catches the light and, with the right positioning, you can create a sophisticated blend of colors that create a magnificent effect.

Garden fountains that are customized with lighting can make any outdoor space somewhere right out of a fantasy film after the sun goes down. They also allow you to entertain guests late into the night and to get the most out of your fountain. During the day, a garden fountain can be a classy and elegant touch. After dark, it can remain a classy and elegant touch or come alive with bright lighting and the spectacular effects that occur when the water refracts and reflects the light in so many different ways. Lighting systems should be considered for any garden fountain, no matter what the setting.