A Wall Fountain as an Outdoor Water Feature

A walk through a mall or a business complex tends to introduce you to at least one wall fountain along the way. These are used quite often as a means of calming and soothing people, or to attract clients or customers too. The sound and looks of the water have an eternal appeal, and this is the reason that a wall fountain has always been a popular outdoor water feature too.

If you travel throughout Europe and the UK you would find hundreds of antique properties that featured wall fountains in their garden areas. These were an outdoor water feature that most deemed essential to the general effect of the design of the entire space.

Consider that a classic garden was intended for walking and strolling, and this meant that the designer would be required to present the visitor with a new view or some sort of stimulation around each corner or turn in the path. Often, the edge of a garden would have a walled space or even a small structure, and it would be here that a wall fountain would figure as a major outdoor water feature.

Today’s gardeners can enjoy this same trend, but they won’t have half of the headaches that the older gardeners faced. This is because all of the wall fountains are self-contained units that don’t require any sort of plumbing and need only a regular supply of electricity to function properly.

They can be used as an outdoor water feature in almost any sort of home and can appear on the exterior walls of a structure, near the entrance to the garden, or installed on the walls of a garden shed or shelter.

Many people install them as a form of birdbath or as a steady supply of drinking water for the wildlife in the area. Others use them strictly for their good looks and delightful sounds, and still others consider the wall fountain in the same ways that they view wall art inside of a home.

The one thing to consider when deciding to purchase and install any sort of wall fountain as a water feature is that supply of electricity that is so essential to its operation. Many homeowners or business owners will actually opt to have their electrician install a concealed outlet that will be hidden by the fountain itself. They do this to keep the clean lines of the water feature, and to reduce the risks of anyone tripping over a cord.