A Pond and Fountain make a Great Duo for Any Yard

Are you interested in a small or large fish pond for your yard? If you don’t have an area that allows for the making of a waterfall into the pond, you should consider a pond fountain to encourage the health of your fish and the pond itself. A pond without circulating water is just a stagnate body of water that will eventually kill the fish, smell, and encourage large amounts of unwanted insects and bugs. It’s important to include some sort of fountain or fall to circulate the water.

The Need to Circulate Water

In order to maintain the health of the ecosystem being created with a fish pond, the water must be aerated to provide oxygen to the water. This can be easily done through the use of a pond fountain. The fountain can float on the water or be submerged. It can gurgle or spray. No matter what is chosen, it will provide years of pleasure for you and the creatures living in your pond.

Organic matter will decay and rot producing toxic gases in a pond without the proper levels of oxygen. Aeration provided from a pond fountain takes care of this by circulating the water and adding oxygen to it. This helps keep fish and good bacteria healthy while discouraging the growth of algae.

The Beauty of a Fountain

In addition to the practical aspects of a pond fountain, it can also bring beauty and musical sounds to your yard and garden. The above surface displays can be as simple or elaborate as you choose. They can include one nozzle or several nozzles, creating different spray patterns accordingly. In addition to being used as a decoration or aeration on the actual pond, it may be more beneficial and soothing if the fountain is placed near or by the pond.

Some floating water fountains for ponds are also solar powered fountains. This alleviates the need of running a cord to the middle of the pond for a power source. Solar fountains can be placed anywhere in the pond and moored once it is in the desired location. In addition to being more convenient, solar fountains are more energy efficient and cost effective.

When you create a pond in the yard, or have a pond, you will soon realize that the beauty would be enhanced with the addition of a pond fountain.