A Modern Outdoor Water Feature

Gardens and parks are always using some sort of outdoor water feature to create a statement. Consider the many ponds, fountains, and man-made streams that flow through the vast majority of them. This trend has rolled over into the world of home gardening too, and now it is fairly common to see an outdoor water feature in even the smallest yard.

This is a trend that is supported by the best vendors and makers of fountains and sprinklers because they make an amazing range of options for even the smallest yards and gardens.

For example, it is easy to find a solar powered outdoor water feature made from ceramic and which features just a small bowl of water and a whimsical “spitter” in the shape of a frog or other creature. It is also easy to find a massive outdoor water feature that contains tiers and a jet that sprays water into the air and which pours down the fountain.

The general looks of water features have changed to accommodate trends as well. Today, it is easy to find a fountain with the looks of a classic model or one that can easily hang from a wall and look as if it came straight from Europe, but there are also very contemporary and modern options available too.

For example, some water features will rely on shafts of metal and polished materials that make them stand out from the natural setting. These are often contemporary versions of the Victorian “gazing ball”, but with a totally modern twist. There are also fountains that are made from natural materials, but which also come with a much more modernized look as well. For example, the fountains constructed entirely of large shafts of bamboo are extremely distinctive, and yet work well in an array of garden styles.

This brings us to the issue of gardening styles and modern water features. It is important to understand that you can always incorporate one of the newer designs into your yard or garden, but it is best to be sure that it is not too incongruous. Modernity usually implies that something will be less organic or natural in appearance, and this is fine, as long as it isn’t too jarring when positioned in the garden. Remember that the job of any water feature is to be somewhat soothing and calming. It can also be mentally or visually stimulating, but it shouldn’t be too dramatic or it could ruin the general effect that is desired.