A Custom Fountains Primer

Did someone just tell you that custom fountains are among the new “must have” features in an interior design plan? If so, that person is correct. If you don’t believe that fountains are a common occurrence in many interior (as well as exterior) design schemes, just make a visit to your local shopping mall.

Certainly, there are the massive courtyard fountains that serve as a major attraction for visitors, but start looking at the interiors of the many shops and restaurants. You will begin to notice right away that everything from the nail salons to the upscale restaurants have custom fountains installed in their entrances or as a form of wall art.

Where do they get such interesting accents? There are now many vendors making standard or stock fountains readily available, and while these are acceptable and usually of good quality, it is the business owner who designs and orders one of the custom fountains who is going to get the most “bang for their buck”.

This will be due to the fact that the fountains can be found in a massive array of styles and designs. You don’t have to stick with a unit made from only a limited choice of materials and with a limited range of shapes or sizes when you work with a custom design firm.

Instead, you can decide on the sort of reaction or results you want to get from the use of the feature, and then work with a good vendor to put all of the necessary pieces together. For instance, if your business space has a very “clean” and “modern” esthetic, you can easily find an array of styles that will fit seamlessly into your look. This could mean a polished metal and glass fountain that has your company logo etched into the background, or it could mean that you elected for a highly polished stone background with the logo carved into the center.

Whatever your design needs, there are plenty of choices where custom fountains are concerned.

Remember too that many of the best vendors make styles available with a huge range of lighting configurations, framing materials, and even with special art imprinted as the background. This is one of the reasons that many homeowners also use such custom designs for their living spaces too.

Fountains are a very “hot” feature in modern living and working spaces, but the heat can really get turned up if you also customize your designs.