5 Things to Consider Before Purchasing Floor Water Fountains

Floor water fountains can act as focal points in any room or outdoor space where you place one. Ensuring that you receive what you intend to purchase is important to the enjoyment of the fountain. A few things you should keep in mind when buying a floor water fountain are listed below.

1. Wet Floors: Floor water fountains are designed and intended to keep water within the boundaries of the basin. However, for various reasons water will escape those boundaries and end up on the floor around the fountain. This should be minimized as effectively as possible to prevent the potential for slipping on a wet floor. This is especially important in commercial settings where not everyone is an invited guest.

2. Electrical/Pump Cord: All fountains require a power source. Most floor water fountains require the use of a standard household outlet. To minimize the potential of tripping over a cord, the fountain should be located as closely to an outlet as possible. If necessary, you may even want to have an electrician add an outlet to the wall behind where you intend to place the floor water fountain. Fountains should never be altered.

3. Secure the Fountain: It may be advisable to anchor any tall fountains to the wall or securely place them in the garden or yard. Fountains falling over can be dangerous, cause a huge mess, and damage the fountain. The best protection is prevention and location of the fountain is the key.

4. Moving Water: It’s best to keep water moving in a floor water fountain, or drain it completely. Stagnant water can be somewhat dangerous, especially if a pet drinks from your fountain or you have small children. Stagnant water produces germs and attracts insects. Water should also be replaced and replenished regularly to ensure a proper level and the addition of clean water periodically.

5. Style and Price: As with any large purchase you want to ensure you are receiving the style you want. A floor water fountain may end up not being what you desire, but instead you want to hang a fountain on the retaining wall. This should all be considered before purchase to prevent returns. In addition, having a budget or price you’re willing to spend set prior to shopping will help you narrow your search and ensure you stay within your budget.