3 Spooky Garden Waterfall Projects for Halloween

Sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate your landscape elements into holiday decor. Fountains present a particular challenge. Because a fountain or garden waterfall emits water, it obliges the decorator to incorporate the water into the decoration somehow. Here are some simple ideas on how you can use a garden waterfall in your Halloween decor:

Witch’s Brew

To create the effect of a mysterious potion bubbling through your rocks, obtain a programmable LED fountain light and an ultrasonic pool fogger. You may also want to get a scented fountain treatment tablet in an autumnal fragrance.  Set the fountain light to a yellow-green color. Turn off the blink function and color rotation; you want a constant, steady light. Nestle the fountain light in the base of the garden waterfall so it illuminates the pool at the bottom. Place the ultrasonic pool fogger right next to it and test by switching it on. A cool mist should rise from the water surface, and seem to glow due to the light underneath it. Adjust the position of the devices if necessary, and conceal the cords. Add the scented water treatment to the reservoir just before display time for the greatest impact.

Dead Man’s Treasure

This project requires a garden waterfall with a substantially sized pool of water. A variation for pondless waterfalls is described below. Obtain a plastic prop skull—the more realistic, the better—and a number of play coins, preferably in a mixture of styles and sizes. Submerge the skull in the pond near the waterfall, and scatter the play coins on the fountain and underwater. You can add additional props to improve the effect of this project, such as rusty cutlasses or a sunken treasure chest.  For a pondless waterfall, use a skeletal hand emerging from the gravel base of the waterfall instead of a skull. Ensure that the water flows over the hand, without washing it away. This variation works better for smaller-scale arrangements.

Spider’s Nest

For this project, you will need a small ball of Halloween “cobweb” material and a toy spider. Spray-paint the spider solid matte black, and add highlights with clear nail polish at the leg joints. Highlight the eyes with red or green nail polish, and set aside to dry. Gently wrap the entire fountain in webbing and place the spider emerging from a crack in the rocks.