Formal Fountain Gardens Around The World

Fountain in the Versailles Garden. Image courtesy of Edwin11 via Wikipedia

Formal gardens are known for their symmetry and design, following a principle of imposing order on nature. The simplest of most formal gardens would have carefully laid out flower beds, while more elaborate ones involve elaborate landscaping and feature parterres, boxed hedges, terraces, topiaries, statues and of course our favorite piece of architecture – fountains. Here is a list of some of the best formal fountain gardens from all over the world that are definitely worth a visit: 1. Chateau de Versailles The gardens at the Chateau de Versailles covers around 800 hectares of land, most of which is landscaped […]

Top 10 Most Beautiful Fountains to Visit in Spain

Fuente de Genova

With a colorful history which dates back thousands of years, an impressive number of native artists and breathtaking scenery which provides never-ending inspiration, it’s no wonder Spain is home to many magnificent water fountains. Whilst some of the fountains go back as far as the 11th century and depict important historic and mythological scenes, others are much more modern creations, portraying what you can achieve with today’s technology and know-how. If you’re planning a vacation to Spain and want to see some of the most impressive fountain architecture the country has to offer, check out our list of the most […]

Ways You Can Bring Nature Indoors


There are many different styles you could choose for your home, and you may prefer something modern and minimalistic. Then again, you may truly enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. Since you cannot spend all of your time in the outdoors, you may wish to bring nature indoors. You can actually do this, but you need to make smart choices so that your home will be pleasing, not a jungle. Here are some things you can do to bring nature indoors. Start with an Indoor Waterfall These water features are made to recreate sounds of nature right in your […]

Turn Your Backyard into a Garden Paradise

garden drawing

When you look at your backyard, do you wish you could have something much more than just grass? Unfortunately, we often do very little with a backyard when there is so much potential in the space. Think of your yard as a canvas waiting to be painted. With simple steps you can turn that canvas into a garden paradise. If you don’t know where to start, do not worry. What you need to know is listed below. Start with a Plan The best way to create the perfect garden paradise is to plan it out first. If you just try […]

Three Easy Ways to Create a Peaceful Waiting Room


When people come into your waiting room, they are most likely not happy to be there. They could be in pain, rushed for time, tired, impatient, running late for an appointment, or simply frustrated with having to wait. The more you can create a peaceful environment in your waiting room, the better. While you obviously cannot take away all of their anxiety, frustration, anger, or impatience, you can create a waiting room that will ease their nerves. Here are three easy ways to create a more peaceful waiting room for your sake as well as the sake of the customers. […]

Take the Cold Feel Out of Your Medical Waiting Room


So often, medical waiting rooms feel cold, callous, and generic. Often, they include plain white walls, uncomfortable chairs, and just a few pieces of generic artwork. The problem is, patients waiting in a medical waiting room are usually sick, tired, frustrated, impatient, running late, or scared. When they have only a cold, uncaring waiting room to sit in, all of their feelings will be magnified. A patient that is already scared to come to the doctor will only become more afraid. A patient who is tired of waiting will only become more impatient. If you have a cold waiting room, […]

Statement Making Décor Items


Are you ready to make a statement in your home? If you are, then making that statement all comes down to the décor items you choose. Truly, you do not have to redecorate a whole space. Instead, all you need to do is choose one item that stands out, makes a statement, and works as a true conversation piece. How do you make a statement without going overboard? It all comes down to choosing the one right piece. Consider the Perfect Piece of Art You do not have to decorate every single wall when you are trying to make a […]

Show Customers You Care with Décor Choices


It can be easy to think that décor is an unnecessary expense in a business setting. After all, you most likely want to spend money on marketing, inventory, and employees. However, if you do not invest in the décor used in public areas of your office, your customers will notice. The result will be that you appear cheap and that you appear unwilling to spend money for the comfort and care of your customers. It does not cost that much to make business décor choices and you can turn an uncaring environment into something that will make an impression on […]

Make Your Office More Relaxing


You spend at least eight hours a day at work. If you are like many people, that number is closer to nine or ten hours a day. Because you spend so much time in your office, you will want to ensure that it is a relaxing and comfortable environment. When your office is relaxing, it provides you with a much more feasible place to work. You will find it much easier to avoid stress, pressure and anxiety at work when you take the time to create a relaxing atmosphere in your office. There are several ways you can do this. […]

Make a Business Lobby Modern


The first thing that people will see of your business is most likely the lobby. However, the lobby is often the last area to be updated. Keep in mind that first impressions matter, and if your customers get the wrong first impression of your company, this can be very hard to overcome. There are several things you can do to update your lobby, create a modern feel, and make the right first impressions. Choose Modern Décor If you have an outdated lobby, it may be time to replace the furnishings and décor. Start by looking at the furniture. To create […]