Outdoor Bamboo Fountains

A bamboo fountain is a charming and naturalistic addition to any garden environment. If one is trying to invoke an Asian flavor in their garden, there are simply no better choices. Bamboo fountains are durable and come in a variety of ornamental-and even functional-designs. They are very easy to setup and can provide many years of service in the garden.

The Designs

A bamboo water fountain benefits from the versatility of the material of which it's constructed. Bamboo can be cut into various designs and, of course, it creates a natural channel through which water can flow. Many of the designs feature several different levels which offers another charming aspect to these fountains. These bamboo fountains are not just all looks, however they can serve practical purposes.

Practical Elements

Some fountains are made to provide a bit of animal security to one's garden. There are bamboo water fountain designs available which are designed to scare deer and other animals out of one's garden. These devices use the flow of the water to regularly produce a clacking noise which is enough to startle animals away from the grounds.

Exotic Locales in One's Own Yard

Adding a bamboo water fountain can give a very Asian feel to one's garden. Combined with other elements and the right plants, this can turn one's back yard into a true departure from the norm. The various sizes available ensure that they can be incorporated into gardens of all shapes and sizes.

Quality Construction

Bamboo is famously durable and that durability extends to bamboo fountains. These products can provide many years of service. They are also lightweight and easy to set up. There are no plumbing fixtures required and, aside from the power source, some of the bamboo water fountain units can be used with a variety of sizes of containers.